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Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Went to a garden wedding this weekend... Closeup/Deets: [[SPOILER]] No one ever told you that it is not polite to out dress the groom!?
It is. I'm picking it up after work today.
I wish you were larger and I had $1700 floating around in my pockets!
It wont fit me but it might fit a friend. Single or double vent?
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist Aeglus, Synth, Eason, Graphic Novelty, and a bunch of others have significant muscle and they never get shit about it. And why do we all have traditionally masculine physiques anyway? I see it the other way why do we all have to be built like sticks and wear jeans 3x to small? I see that nonsense has changed a lot on SuFu but it doesn't seem to be the case around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester okay, what kind of athlete are you talking about? football player? distance runner? soccer player? All are different. I think I have an athletic shape basically but do not look like a football player. btw anytime I see "athletic" cut shirts, they are always cut for the super-fatties. I think it is a mind trick, so they don't feel bad buying gigantic Katrina tarpaulins to cover their bodies. Anyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 jeans look weird man. they flare out from the knee down. Hmmm they're actual darted just below the knee... they are a regular fit instead of slim...
Fit pics of Seal Kay Organic Jeans Model Razel regular fit post soak Hugo Boss Polo Seal Kay Organic Jeans New Balance 420 Retro's
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