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Sorry to hear this and best of luck!
Need a new cordovan belt from Brooks Brothers - does anyone have a coupon to share? Thanks ps Also interested in suggestions for other sources for #8 cordovan belt w/ silver buckle
Lol - I live in FL, last year worked in GA, now in WA - so yes, I'm not on top in this locale... Thanks for the suggestions - I think I saw Atsui somewhere in the same neighbourhood (around 1st) - Yes, I was *forced* to buy jeans from BNY Blackbird seems too focused on Julius? Will check Atsui and Jack Straw Thanks!
I read this was supposedly Seattle's best jeans store. Went to check it out but space was "for rent" - anyone know if it moved or closed? Where else to check out cool jeans in Seattle? Thanks
Need recommendations on something that fits like Nudies Slim Jim. Have had a pair of SJs for over a year now with a couple of washes, and looking for something new w/o accordions, whiskers and OK for work with somewhat conservative VPs. Color I prefer: hopefully *unfading* black or something blue like my SC Okinawa (love their color after fading but not the *old* fit...) Have been thinking of APC NS but that almost seems like a step down from what I already...
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Other than having some rubber sole like vibram placed on the sole, there really isn't much else you can do other than the basic wax and polish method. Otherwise, I would opt out of using the leather soled shoe for the rain. Thats just me though. Thanks, RFX45! I personally don't worry about treating the Corsos' leather sole (I will let it dry between wearings on the side, which should be enough). I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Sorry can somebody please educate me on what advantages of a wooden sole over rubber sole? Leather soles are supposed to breathe better. Let me try once again with my question: anyone have a good idea how to treat and protect Corsos so that I can wear in rain and not worry too much? Thanks!
I got a pair of Corsos and it's raining every day... What would be best to treat and protect this specific leather? - it's different from all my other shoes and I am not sure mink oil, sil spray, and / or Kiwi polish are the way to go Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Thanks, izlat. What don't you like about the shirt? Oh - it's not that I don't like the shirt. I meant I would not wear this shirt with this suit because I'd pefer this suit with a (maybe boring to some) solid shirt and the tie. I understand mixing patterns and all - it just does not look as good to me as a solid with this suit
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