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Ha - very good point. I will also try to lighten the fuck up.
I thought Styleforum was just diatribes these days?
Man, my reality doesn't even include you.
I am increasingly avoiding SF, and this exemplifies why. The anal-retentive rule following and boring, conservative mentalities rip all the joy out of dressing. The amount of times I have heard men in gray suits and black shoes tell me what I should be wearing and why leaves me depressed. Many of the people involved in this industry truly enjoy what they do, they love dressing and there is a definite creative buzz when working with others in the industry. The 'clothing...
I am not particularly tall, but I will definitely give great attention to pretty girls, or customers in the company of pretty girls.desu
For reference, I spent about 2 hours on this and another pair to achieve that colour. It is just a mix of waxes, the colours listed above, applied slowly and patiently.desu
Clearly I am not a regular poster, but in the interest of you all having further fuel to rip my style apart; Clip on braces - they are comfortable and feel a little more at home with a jacket and trousers than buttoned ones. If I didn't need my trousers to stay up I'd forgo the things altogether. Size - Yes, I am fat. You can all worship skinny men in skinny suits until the cows come home, but it won't make me any skinnier. I am a little above 100kgs, a little under 6...
Harrison's Premier Cru with Wool/Angora Tie and Linen Square.
Herringbone, not Pinstripe.
A new attempt at the Linen suit.
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