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I got some Incotex from randallr, perfect!
Great shots! I like that shoe a lot
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl shooey striked again. thank you for supporting the cause Great looking shoos, good thing he's not my size or I would have a hard time getting any Kiss
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I love it when people talk about "investing" in clothing. I wonder if I can write off this years gains in the stock market against the depreciation of my shoe portfolio
Is #9 100% cotton or a mix?
Handmade shoes from fritzls 'Operation Paprika':
How consistent do you think the sizing is for the different models? For example if you are a 44 in the Norweger is the Wiener last similar or would you recommend going up or down? Sorry about the gunboat remark, I meant it in the best possible way
Since the last Kiss were so well received, here is some more
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol . These shoes are the real deal. They are built like a tank. Definitely built like tanks, mine have Vibram commando soles that add to that feeling. Fritzl was very good at working out what size I should have. It feels like these will become some of if not my most comfortable shoes when they are broken in. It might take a while though with these soles, but its worth it for sure. Edit: They wear like...
Breaking them in now:
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