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Happy Monday gents. Taking the new cardi and tie for a spin. [[SPOILER]]
How on earth did I end up here amongst the elites? I'm honored
video (and clothes) = That is all.
Quoted only because it made me
To weigh in on this convo regarding reasons for posting (not that my opinion carries any weight), I post because I enjoy the challenge, everyday, to dress the best I can and I take value in the feedback, if any, that I get. Sometimes the feedback involves things that either I can't change (because of finances), or don't want to change (because it's not my style--for lack of a better word as it pertains to me) and sometimes the feedback involves things that I can change....
This!EDIT: I say this only because one of the last fits I posted here, way back when before my long sabbatical from SF, was the first post that received positive praise from Voxy. [[SPOILER]]
back to basic blue. [[SPOILER]]
Cheers EliodA!The pink police car behind me for Breast Cancer Awareness
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