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holla gents, hope all has been well while I've been gone. Spent five glorious days in NOLA on vacation only to return to find out that my company decided to put me on perminent vacation...oh well, such is life right? So, here I sit, on my patio with beer and laptop, perusing SF and various job sites...looks like I'm going to be the new bagger at the local supermarket Still a ton of great looks over the past week...at least I got to wear my new linen suit a few times...
Had this oatmeal stout at the ale house the other night and really enjoyed it! I am now having Southern Tier Black Water series Imperial Creme Brulee Stout. The aroma of fresh vanilla creme brulee is quite strong...I could smell it while taking this pic outside! It is very smoothe and rich with strong vanilla and cream flavors running from beginning to end. At 10% it's a surprisingly easy drinker. I like it better than the Mokah.
$1.75 at a little wine and beer shop around the corner from the hotel.
outside the hotel in the french quarter
Thanks Moo! I think the block user function has something to do with it
Holla from NOLA gents!
Or Faster Pussycat
Cheers bourbon! I appreciate the feedback. Here's a close-up of the tie and knot, which is a DFIH. I think the tie is in proportion enough with the lapels and shirt collar...I think that a lot has to do with the way I'm standing. That said this is not one of my better fitting jackets...it's a 38R Slim fit but I usually wear a 36R slim. I got the suit with the intention of getting it tailored but haven't gotten around to it yet...including having the sleeves shortened a...
Ahh what the heck... [[SPOILER]]
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