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Ahh what the heck... [[SPOILER]]
Thanks I got it at the Rack for a C-note. The brand is 14th & Union, never heard of them but both the fit and price were right. Yeah, at Wabash and Wacker.
Cheers guys!
Cheers Stitches! steezy or sleezy or both Neither did I! I just lucked out Thank you!Cheers ndw! Another new tie that I saved just for this occassion Muchas grassy-ass Spoo!
Love this pink linen Spoo!Great stuff Mike! Just a few more days until I'm livin' it up in NOLA!
Scorchio!Deets [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Spoo just been spending some time going over my wardrobe again and expanding into areas I once was a bit apprehensive to venture into. As long as there's stress in my days there will be a smoke in my hand @ master-classter Thank you sir I appreciate your kind words.
Cheers stitches! Those are my sunglasses
New Posts  All Forums: