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x-post from my usual haunt. The pooch just wouldn't sit still
Yeah it was. Wish I could have scored a bottle or two more.Love me some Torpedo! Especially on a warm day, which it's not, here in chi town.
Had this Ten FIDY last night for International Stout Day!
The pooch just wouldn't sit still
Another recently enjoyed brew. As You Wish... from Chicago's Pipeworks an Elijah Craig Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Porter. This one is huge in rich dark roasted malty goodness with just the perfect touch of boozy oak and vanilla flavors. Batch number 324-325 11% ABV
Was feeling uninspired this morning so it's back to simple and boring with a touch of color. [[SPOILER]]
Camel hair SC for hump day! [[SPOILER]]
It's been a long ass time since I posted here but here are a few highlights from the past few days. Added the 2014 Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Surly Darkness to my collection. Enjoyed this 5 Rabbit/Cigar City collab. A robust imperial porter brewed with plantains. And really enjoyed this Pump[KY]n Bourbon Barrel aged imperial pumpkin porter from Avery. This one clocks in at 17.22%!!! But it's extremely balanced.
Blustery morning. [[SPOILER]]
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