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Ah that's looks much better...I guess the colour was a bit blown out in your photo making it look for burgundy and less burnt orange.
Yeah, 3 years is longer than most and a lot of it did have to do with funds...when you support a family more of your money goes to things other than new clothes (for yourself that is )If I had been a student perhaps it would have taken me less time.But who knows, I wasn't the quickest SFer to catch on and I did take a few divergent style paths before finding my way back.
Overall I like this look very much. Perhaps a ps that had more light blue or just a plain white one (to tie into the shirt) would work better as I feel the burgundy(?) one you are wearing seems to disconnected from the rest of the fit.
Oh I totally agree and that's the beauty and fun of all this...the ongoing pursuit of sartorial knowledge and the development of our own take on MC guidelines and I certainly look forward to my own ongoing journey.
You know it's funny. I haven't really looked at any of the photos that I posted yesterday and today since I first posted them two years ago and seeing them now I actually said to myself..."WOW, i'd still wear that!" It has been nice to look back on my evolution and realize just how much I have actually learned from SF and that it is possible to develop a personal style while still remaining MC.It was a long process of trial and error with some minor successes bookended by...
And the very same reasons why I returned
I just wanted to touch on this point a bit as I'm a bit of a blue fanatic In the past year or so I've found that the right combo of blue elements can create a very pleasing fit. However, I like to break up the potential for monotony with something patterned like a blue gingham shirt or brown lace-ups. My favourite combo, which I'm sporting today consists of a navy linen jacket, blue gingham shirt, blue 513s and Bass blue bucks with white laces...and to prove I'm a blue...
Well thanks guys for the warm welcome back and appreciation of my 2 cents.
Thanks. I know what you are talking about because my first stab at this combo was with a darker navy trou and it didn't work as well as my next attempt posted above.Note: Though the pick seems dark it's actually pretty darn close to the actual shade/color of the trou. [[SPOILER]]
Cheers!Yeah it's old...the past few pics I've posted we're all from the Summer of 2011 right around when I took my SF break. The only reason I've resurrected them here was that I felt...and hoped...that they were relevant to a particular discussion or illustrated another's point
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