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I feel like such a n00b posting here but here's the IPAs I'm exploring today...
Yeah that one was okay...sort of weak and anticlimactic after the Maharaja. So, I'm finishing up with this...
Following that up with this
Expanding my seasonal horizons with Avery Brewing's Maharaja Imperial IPA from their Dictator Series. Lovely balance of sweet maltiness and bitter hoppiness...I like!
Had this Bitch Creek ESB last night. Very tasty. Having some 3F Moloko Milk Stout now! Yummy!
Having a couple of these to celebrate a successful and potentially promising interview at a design studio.
Fell in love with all things Abita while in NOLA, especially Turbodog!
Yeah I really enjoyed this one. A nice balance of hops, citrus and spice. The only other Boulevard offering I've had was their Dark Truth Stout.
Boulevard Smokestack Series White IPA....yummy
Moving on to Stone Brewery Belgo Anise Imperial Russian Stout brewed with anise, oak chips and Belgian wheat. They call this an "odd year" release and it's decidedly more rustic and smokey than their regular IRS. Yet, at 10.5%, it is still a very smoothe drinker and at $7 at bomber still a great deal.
New Posts  All Forums: