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Only 8 Months? Wow that's really good! It took me nearly 3 years to get to a good place style wise.And as for too much blue... [[SPOILER]]
Cheers MC! It's good to be back...hopefully I'll have some occasions to wear a full suit to post here
You too mang...glad to see you're still killin' it 'round here Now all we need is Voxy to rear his lovely head and all will be complete!
[[SPOILER]] Brunello Cucinelli SCFinamore shirtExquisite Trimmings tieMoschino camouflage PSCreed Royal Scottish LavenderIke Behar beltPanta cigar linen trouCorthay "Jouvet"Smelling good too
I'm certainly no expert but I like it. I like the mixture of patterns and textures. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks...yeah for the most part only my commute is now away from the Loop instead of into it.
This makes me wish I had more occasions to wear mine. [[SPOILER]] This, I think, was one of, if not the last of my posts before my 2 year hiatus. [[SPOILER]]
+1 and I miss your fits Urb!
Awesome as always!
HE'BREW is awesome sauce!
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