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That would be great! Even Avenue Ale House would be awesome...I know Prarie Moon in Evanston often has some rareties on tap and in bottle (the last time I was there about a week ago they had BC RARE for the unbelievbly low price of $50 of 22oz! However, I went with a pint of Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro Pour (whatever that means) on tap and my fav Old Rasputine in bottle. I'll keep my eye out for CBS but won't be gutted if I miss out on this year's offering! Cheers for the...
So I hit up my local today, which in the past was graced with at least a case of Founder's Limited Releases and found that this time they were no so lucky. They said that with only 12,000 bottles of CBS to go around that despite being a great customer there just wasn't enough to go around. Oh well, so I miss out on trying CBS for the first time...maybe next year. At leat they have plently of the regular Brekfast Stout to keep me happy!
For me every beer I've had from them has been like a limited release beer, granted my beer experience is no where near that of the regular posters here but on a consistency basis Founders is batting near 1000.
I could not agree more! Everything I've had by them I've loved!
Yes sir, said they're getting a case...perhaps tomorrow. And they have plenty of the breakfast stout as well.
Beautiful autumn day so I'm enjoying some of this on the patio while I wait for my bottle of CBS to arrive...hopefully tomorrow.
For me it was Tow Bros. Ebel's Weiss & GI's Matilda.
Had some more of these last night
Okay, it's not KBS or CBS but it's still darn tasty!
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