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You'll need more popcorn than that son.
Ooooo! Does this mean I can talk about my Wang?
[[SPOILER]] Holy crap! The firewall at my job is so strict most pics here are blocked so I totally missed this one!!!Now that is just awesome RD! I even dig the shoes and I'm not a tassles fan!
Not my pic but this is my Scala hat that I'm wearing in that very tiny pic...lol
I know you weren't around when I first started poasting but this was pretty much my modus operandi for way too long
Sorry the pic is so small...only one I have of the hat I was talking about so here it is for whatever it's worth
Thanks I do try to be and I plan on sticking around for a while at any rate and I'll do my best to try that once in while but when you work in an environment where the norm is jeans a t-shirts a guy wearing a suit just seems way too out of place I dig the hat. I have a similar raffia one by Scala but I don't think the crow is quite as tall.
I'm wondering if that might have something to do with whether or not the suit is lined. For example, my linen suit is lined and I don't have those issues...as far as I know
Oh I never judge a comment based on typos unless they're so bad I can't make heads or tails of it I think you make some valid points and I appreciate your honesty.Also thank you for your assessment of where I've ended up and yes it is a shame that I don't have more opportunities to wear suits, formally or casually but if one arises and I have the moment's foresight to snap a pic I'll certainly post it here I think that it's awesome that you managed to stretch such a small...
Ah that's looks much better...I guess the colour was a bit blown out in your photo making it look for burgundy and less burnt orange.
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