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WOW! What a week indeed! I'm doing very well thanks. I haven't had a need to wear a suit since the Summer of 2011 but always love to check in once in a while to see how things here are going.
Hey all! What's been going on in here? Internet at new gig won't load images but I wanted to say hi to any and all!
Sup all! Just wanted to stop by and say howdy! I finally landed a new gig as an art director for a small advertising agency! Great way to start the new year! The down side (or upside depending on how you view it ) is that I won't be wearing suits much anymore. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the new year! Cheers!
Tonight's research
Having some Three Floyds Munsterfest
Templeton Rye barrel aged Doppleboch by Metropolitan for City Provisions Deli...get in there before it's gone!
Some Boffo Brown Ale to kick off the night
Ha ha! Just doing my homework.
And now for some Painted Ladies Pumpkin Spice Ale
Now some California Steam
New Posts  All Forums: