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[[SPOILER]] Brunello Cucinelli SCFinamore shirtExquisite Trimmings tieMoschino camouflage PSCreed Royal Scottish LavenderIke Behar beltPanta cigar linen trouCorthay "Jouvet"Smelling good too
I'm certainly no expert but I like it. I like the mixture of patterns and textures. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks...yeah for the most part only my commute is now away from the Loop instead of into it.
This makes me wish I had more occasions to wear mine. [[SPOILER]] This, I think, was one of, if not the last of my posts before my 2 year hiatus. [[SPOILER]]
+1 and I miss your fits Urb!
Awesome as always!
HE'BREW is awesome sauce!
Oh Man ElGuapo!!!! I miss his posts!
Well thanks for saying that...I really do miss posting here and maybe, if and when the occasion arises I'll try to post again
New Posts  All Forums: