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I just wanted to touch on this point a bit as I'm a bit of a blue fanatic In the past year or so I've found that the right combo of blue elements can create a very pleasing fit. However, I like to break up the potential for monotony with something patterned like a blue gingham shirt or brown lace-ups. My favourite combo, which I'm sporting today consists of a navy linen jacket, blue gingham shirt, blue 513s and Bass blue bucks with white laces...and to prove I'm a blue...
Well thanks guys for the warm welcome back and appreciation of my 2 cents.
Thanks. I know what you are talking about because my first stab at this combo was with a darker navy trou and it didn't work as well as my next attempt posted above.Note: Though the pick seems dark it's actually pretty darn close to the actual shade/color of the trou. [[SPOILER]]
Cheers!Yeah it's old...the past few pics I've posted we're all from the Summer of 2011 right around when I took my SF break. The only reason I've resurrected them here was that I felt...and hoped...that they were relevant to a particular discussion or illustrated another's point
+1 I've always loved that combo and I think he pulls it off quite well. I do agree a tad more contrast between jacket and shirt could help.A bit less casual than his but I thought this worked for the most part. [[SPOILER]]
There's no shame in that. I work as a creative in advertising where almost no one even wears a SC or jacket. I on the other hand can't get away from my love of suit wearing so I regularly wear one with jeans and weather permitting a knit tie...but even that gets more than one comment...albeit positive...from time to time.Save for my cream linen and one gray all of my suits are of various shades of navy. Braces...I'm with you on that one as well...too scared...just like...
I wish I still had pics from my first posts I just kept posting and taking notes until I saved enough to buy better fitting clothes but it still took me a long time. As for ties by the time I stopped posting two years ago I had nearly 100 and out of those I think I kept 10 or 15, the rest will be donated to the Rodeo Clown Tie Donation Fund.The suit I'm wearing in that pic was one of my last two full suits I bought before I changed jobs where I didn't have to wear full...
Only 8 Months? Wow that's really good! It took me nearly 3 years to get to a good place style wise.And as for too much blue... [[SPOILER]]
Cheers MC! It's good to be back...hopefully I'll have some occasions to wear a full suit to post here
You too mang...glad to see you're still killin' it 'round here Now all we need is Voxy to rear his lovely head and all will be complete!
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