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Happy Monday gents! Got a new SC over the weekend so I could continue posting Rainy and misty morning made for grainy pics. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Unc, those look super comfy!
This is from today. Boots are Rockastle from Aston Grey and sock are also Aston Grey.
x-post from MC Casual Happy Friday gents!
Happy Friday gents!
Cheers! E for the props! I think this fit of mine just made it under the wire
Thank you Unc!p.s. am I allowed to call you Unc yet? p.s.s. great combo yourself! love them boots!
Had this tasty brew the other night. Nothing I like better than a well done bourbon barrel aged pumpkin spied ale and Central Waters did really gourd job with this, it was only $6.99!
That's what I meant. My regular rotation is very small and I have nearly exhausted all reasonable combos
From today.
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