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Here's today's effort.
Back to boring and the maiden voyage of my new wool herringbone tie. [[SPOILER]]
From this weekend.
Dude! Think I'm gonna stop poasting and let you do all the work
x-post from MC Casual Happy Friday gents!
Happy Friday gents!
Sierra Nevada rules for all volunteers that were not working for a brewery. I did get a tasting snifter, a nifty Beer Camp t-shirt, and a comp ticket to the Oak Park Micro Brew Review, which was/is held a block from where I live, So, it all balanced out. I'm just bummed I could taste Cigar City and the Jai Alai. [[SPOILER]]
That sucks. I volunteered at the Beer Camp event in Chicago this past July but was not allowed to taste
The Polar Vortex has hit the chi in full force today! [[SPOILER]]
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