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Cheers! Mr. D! For the most part yes as well as a lot of clearance buying. The knit tie is a vintage C. 1950's Pierre Cardin that I thrifted in San Fran and the black suede shows were a DSW clearance find. The rest is either Marshall's or H&M (minus the overcoat). This entire fit, save the overcoat, which an x-mss gift, ran under $200
Chilly morning despite the sun. [[SPOILER]]
Tweed Tuesday. [[SPOILER]]
Blue Monday [[SPOILER]]
Yeah it's a bit shorter than most of my jackets. I'm not the tallest lad with shorter legs so i wear shorter jackets to help lengthen my silhouette.EDIT: Oh, and I usually don't wear this jacket with dress trou...this is my jacket to dress up jeans, but today I wanted to see how it would work with my grey flannel trou.Overall, I like the look but agree a slightly longer jacket, like the one from my grey tweed suit (refer to my post from yesterday) would work much...
Gloomy, brown and grey Thursday. [[SPOILER]]
Wet, windy and chilly wednesday. [[SPOILER]]
Happy Friday! [[SPOILER]]
Meh, looked better in my mind [[SPOILER]]
No interwebz at work today. So better late than never. Not crazy about the trou as the fabric seems to lose the crease and wrinkle too easily. [[SPOILER]]
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