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Good? Bad? or Ugly?
Chilly Tuesday! Nothing too new or different save the shoes. [[SPOILER]]
Thank you sir! Sorry, I don't want to be the bad influence I love that avatar. I forget the member's name who used to do some hilarious photoshop work on our posts. This one made me laugh so hard when I saw it I just had to make it my avatar.
From yesterday's creative team outing to Eataly.
LOL! Ok, maybe I'll do some with and some without
OK that made me laugh out loud!!!Thanks. They're nothing too special. Some "Italian" brand I got on clearance from DSW to wear when the weather is less than ideal. [[SPOILER]]
LOL! Residual habit from 10+ years of ad agency life However, I will try to not smoke for my shots
Charcoal grey and blue day. [[SPOILER]]
Form 80° to 50°. From linen to tweed. Such is the way of life in the Chi. [[SPOILER]]
Quite possibly the last 80° day here in Chi for quite a long time...so, one last outing for the linen suit. [[SPOILER]]
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