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Thanks Chu! I appreciate the props. Yeah generally shorter jackets are not SF approved whether worn casually or not. However, I have a body type that "the rules" don't take into consideration (shorter legs — my inseem is a good 2" shorter than some one my hight. And smaller torso) so wearing regular length jackets do me a disservice of elongating the appearance of my torso while shortening the appearance of my legs making it look like a jacket my actual size is too big
yeah it's shorter than a usual SC but I have shorter legs than most so regular jackets look funny on me.., like I'm wearing my dad's jackets. But I do realize that shorter jackets are not everyones cup of joe
x-post from mc casual.Happy Bar Wednesday gents!Taking my new SC for a second spin with jeans. [[SPOILER]]
Happy Bar Wednesday gents!Taking my new SC for a second spin with jeans. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Thanks Unc. You as well! Love those boots
Thank you very much for the kind words sir. I wish I had more donegal tweed suits like this one
One dose want a hint of color
From today. Purple and grey
Damn! It was so cold this morning I could barely hold still long enough for the 10 sec timer. Back to boring. [[SPOILER]]
Funny you say that as I was unimpressed by their offerings at the Oak Park Micro Brew Review. But I saw this bottle and was drawn to the wax (as if that was any indication that it would be good )But as it was inexpensive I figured I would give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.
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