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Here are a couple casualties from over the weekend. I've still yet to crack The Abyss though. The TWEAK clocks in at 17.81% but was super smooth Can't wait to crack my other bottle next year.
A few casualties from the weekend.
@DonCologne I love those shoes!
Old pic but I had another one of these last night as my local WF still has a bunch left.
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Damn son!
Had this Greenbush offering last night. Vanderbush is an American Trippel brewed with VanderMill Cider it was far more tart than I like. Wished there was a bit more spice to it. I'm glad I only bought one bottle.
Yeah I noticed I think last year they started calling it Sixth Day or is that different?
Yeah I agree that it's on the pricey side but it's about the same as 120 minutes and KBS, and worth it I think.I have run into the waiting list/all bottles reserved thing before and it kind of bugs me, especially if I'm standing in the store at the time they're supposed to go on sale. That happened to me last Jan for the 2013 Surly Darkness at a Maloy's but they were nice enough to call their other location, which, oddly enough, didn't reserve bottles and sold on a first...
Yeah it seems like there is plenty of the regular BCBS out there. I got my 4 pack on Saturday with no problem from my local Whole Foods. My guy there said that a lot of placed didn't get their full allocation of the special variants so needless to say those were snatched up within the first 5 minutes of going on sale. He did say that a few places that got their full allocations would be holding special events but for me, I'm happy with mine.
Just a few from the Thanksgiving weekend.
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