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just got my virgil grizzly mid folks in light brown and i really like them. sold my virgils, which were half a size too big, in order to get these. regardless of the size, i like the grizzly mid folks better than the virgils. for whatever reason the virgils didn't work with my wardrobe and just looked weird whenever i tried them on.
Idol Brooklyn just started their spring summer 16 sale - up to 40% off. some of their a1923 is on sale including double zip boots; wish they had a 40 in them :/ www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/sale
Idol Brooklyn just started their spring summer 16 sale - up to 40% off. they have some good rick owens pieces on sale. www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/sale
thanks for the response. not sure with how paypal freezes things b/c it's never happened to me before. i might offer money to cover the issue, but if he rejects that then i might go down the dispute route. i feel like i have a strong case. however, i know that paypal leans heavily in the direction of the buyer.
not specific to ebay, but it's paypal related. sold something recently via a classifieds thread, the person received it, and now is saying that it's not what they thought it was even though the person agreed that i didn't mislead them and also read the "all sales final" note in the sale thread. i disagree with this . the specific "issue" is around the elbow area of a leather jacket, which he says is a tear, but it's not a tear at all. my question is whether it's worth...
added a few more. similarly selling: = IC: Carol Christian Poell BRUCH suit grey - size 48 brand new $1750 = Amazing CCP suit from 2013 made of a cotton poly blend called BRUCH in a beautiful grey color. The fabric is very dry to the touch and also rigid in a very nice way. The suit has never been worn and is brand new [button hold in jacket is still stitched]. However, I had a tailor alter the pants in the waist to take them out, which can be done again. Only selling...
did a quick search and didn't find it, but is anyone familiar with the sizing on the grizzly mid-folks for this season? are they TTS?
holy shit, that's a great piece. does it use the same nylon as the fw thorson? i have that one and it's fantastic. did any US stores buy this piece b/c i haven't seen it at all.
Is the frank soutien coat from this season? The 3l version looks really good, though the US retail is brutal
where are the pr patterson photos from? very curious to see his stuff in person.
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