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I have it.
out of curiosity, what was the tagged size on the taichi's and how did they really measure/fit? i tried on the linen/denim jeans and they were too tight for me; curious if he updated the pants pattern at all.
i have a size 48 ccp bison high neck in color ptc-19 [dark grey] for sale if you're interested.
so what's altieri's involvement with archivio? seems to be run by a different individual with input from altieri?
cosign on great service from graham. got a guidi q10 bag from calculus and he was A+ would buy again.
just got my virgil grizzly mid folks in light brown and i really like them. sold my virgils, which were half a size too big, in order to get these. regardless of the size, i like the grizzly mid folks better than the virgils. for whatever reason the virgils didn't work with my wardrobe and just looked weird whenever i tried them on.
Idol Brooklyn just started their spring summer 16 sale - up to 40% off. some of their a1923 is on sale including double zip boots; wish they had a 40 in them :/
Idol Brooklyn just started their spring summer 16 sale - up to 40% off. they have some good rick owens pieces on sale.
thanks for the response. not sure with how paypal freezes things b/c it's never happened to me before. i might offer money to cover the issue, but if he rejects that then i might go down the dispute route. i feel like i have a strong case. however, i know that paypal leans heavily in the direction of the buyer.
not specific to ebay, but it's paypal related. sold something recently via a classifieds thread, the person received it, and now is saying that it's not what they thought it was even though the person agreed that i didn't mislead them and also read the "all sales final" note in the sale thread. i disagree with this . the specific "issue" is around the elbow area of a leather jacket, which he says is a tear, but it's not a tear at all. my question is whether it's worth...
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