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just the mountain parka from the archive. i really like it. the pants fit weird on me (specifically the indigo printed linen) or i'm just fat ass. probably a combination of the two.
interested in seeing the taichi jacket on the human form. the jacket has similarities with the high neck, but i do agree with you that a lot of the details are very much his own/m.a+. what is the damage on that jacket in japan? $3k? i've been getting more into taichi and am hearing how the jersey jackets this fall will be like $3k in the us, which is bonkers, but i get it (small production + high quality fabrics == $$).congrats on the layer-0 jacket.
idol brooklyn carries m.a+. they also started carrying m_moria too.
Listening to offers
ROMPIB-PCC is donkey, correct? i handled the retractable donkey leather at atelier a number of years ago and personally did not like the hand of that leather. it felt dry, plasticky and a bit cheap. i have the cors version of the gloved titanium leather and think it's great. sadly, i've worn it only a hand full of times but have gotten a number of compliments when i have worn it.
price drop to $950. this is a steal for this jacket!
price drop to $1,050
Brand New Plinth FW 2013-2014 Rick Owens Stooges Calf Leather (Body), Cotton/Polyamide Sleeves with Lamb Fur Collar: Size Small This jacket is amazing one of the best I've handled from Rick. The body is made of a very soft calf leather body that's a bit blistered and is jet black. It has the great stooges details such as the small front pocket, epaulets. The body is lined with black cotton that feels like silk. The sleeves are made of a cotton/polyamide blend that has a...
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