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Quote: Originally Posted by click here I am wrong. The different colour is not called canvas, it's called khaki. I live been to the Filson store a month back and don't see a 3rd color? (only tan and brown)
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim It definitely will. I can't agree more. I initially thought they were uncomfortable, however after a few week the strap is nice and soft.
Prolly a long shot, however worth a try. Looking to buy Allen Edmond Park Avenue in size 6.5D or perhaps other style? Thanks, J
Anyone knows whats the make and model of this bag?
I'm looking for a small, clean looking cuff link such as the one's that comes on Zegna shirt. Does anyone know where I buy similar? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by MS007 This is a truly great bag! Anyone know what bag is this? Thanks, J
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Girl loves hers. Waiting for June 2011 update mainly for Retina Display and more iPad specific apps. Same over here. Every since I got my iPhone 4. I can't downgrade to lower grade displays. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Hayato Anyone else hate it when your ex tries to pull some passive aggressive bullshit after you guys break up? I seriously hate Facebook. I think I will take the higher road. FB became the breeding ground for these types of girls... Unfortunately...
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