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Am I too late to have the last word on pleats?
This trip, this thread, these tailors do not exist
Dropping off the kid at the park on the way to work
Oh hi Styleforum April Fools
here is an instructional video from Cinco Jota: http://www.cincojotas.com/advice-how-to-cut-ham.htm
I'm powerless to that situation though, perhaps another pic in the coming days to ease your frustration.
why are you speaking guidoitalian?
Just for fun
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire I just found this by searching the forum for an old thread and felt the urge to say that this is complete bullshit. No, at one point, this is quite true. They were all very high quality, with lots of show-off handworks, RTW makers. Now Borrelli has reduced its quality quite dramatically, Kiton is trying to reinvent itself as a fashion brand, Isaia has also gone some wierd dandy-rific direction. Only...
CBD sans socks, because I can and because I can't
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