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I'm sorry I'm late to this thread. I used Peter Lee a few years ago and loved his work. Who is Lai Sifu? Was he Peter Lee's tailor? If I go back to Peter Lee, will his quality be the same as it always was or is he using a different maker now? Sorry if this has already been answered. I couldn't find it.
I have a very similar question. I've loved my APC Original Standards (same as NS but 1.5" higher rise) for 5 years. I basically want another pair but the OS has been discontinued for 2 or 3 years now. Key is that I want/need a rise that's 11" or higher. I just don't find lower-rise jeans comfortable. What brands should I look at for similar fit and aesthetic to APC? I want zero if any detailing (no pocket stitching, nothing weird or branded), denim of similar hue to APC,...
The thing that shouldn't be forgotten is that you can actually go to a Vass store (if you find yourself in Budapest, mind you) and try on 10-20 pairs of shoes until you find exactly the last, size, and style that fits you best. The service is incredible. They have a huge inventory at their main store, which is simply not the case for the EG or C&J "flagship" stores (London, Paris, NY) and certainly isn't the case for high end multi-brand retailers (Leffot, Leather Soul,...
I do not think this is correct.I've worked with Rezso on two MTM orders in the past year, the first one was placed with him, in person, in Budapest and the other over phone/email as recently as last month. He was highly responsive, service was great, and the shoes are wonderful. No discussion of needing to go through a US retailer (do those even exist for Vass?).
Nope. These are full price, not sale.
Yep, I agree that they look way too light...but I doubt the London store would tell me the wrong color. They don't even stock this shoe in any colors other than black and dark oak. Am I to conclude that this is from a weird batch of dark oak hides? Or is the photo just really, really off?
The EG London shop sent me this photo and say that this is Dark Oak. Is it from an odd "dye lot" or something? The color looks way more like Burnt Pine to me. I am used to Dark Oak looking more like this: Obviously I don't think the London shop is lying..but is this shoe just made with a much lighter hide? Or is it the lighting? Do Dark Oak shoes just darken with age and polishing?
Is one of them "technically" more formal?
I'm about to pull the trigger on a new pair of dark oak EG oxfords in 82 last. I want something I can wear with everything from a suit to jeans..which is sort of difficult to do, I think. I've narrowed it down to the Malvern (classic wingtip) and the Canterbury (u-throat captoe, no medallion). Malvern: Canterbury (wrong last and color): What are your thoughts? Thinking the Malvern might be too conventional, not formal enough for a suit and that the Canterbury is a...
Does anyone have photos of the classic H&K collar being worn? The website has a few, but they're not great. Trying to see what the collar looks like on. It must look better than what it looks like in the product photos.
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