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G'day gents, I've picked up a nice pair of AE Seven Vinci shoes which I love. I also really want to buy the Malvern boots that AE makes but I'm a 10.5/D and the Malverns are only made in 10.5/E. Since I'm in Australia I can't try these shoes on - so my question to you is do you think that the boots would actually fit me even though they're Es and not Ds. I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of thing... I've already placed an order for some Park Ave's...
Sorry about the really bad quality photos. I just moved and can't find my tripod. Anyway, here's a Breitling Chronomat Evo and a Hamilton X-Wind. I've replaced both watches with different bracelets. The Breitling is on the Ocean Racer strap and the Hamilton is on the Khaki Field Canvas strap. And the Hamilton with a replacement canvas strap With Breitling leather strap are all great stores to buy from. They're all grey market dealers who offer very good prices for authentic watches. I've bought from (breitling) and (tag) and haven't been disappointed. Be very careful with e-bay. You can find some good deals on there but often enough those good deals will be replicas, hence the amazing price.
My collection is slowly growing with two watches on the way in the coming weeks. I've got a series of pics of my current watches ready but I'll post them one at a time. I probably should have cleaned the BB watch up before I took these shots, but you get the idea. I'll start with my first real watch purchase: I should point out that the watch read 2320-ish when I took these photos, hence the date display between the 12th and 13th. The Omega will be next
Thanks to everyone for your insights and shared opinions. As it happens I already own a vintage (62) gold capped seamaster on a black bracelet. It's an absolutely beautiful watch so the gentleman who said one would eventually make its way into my collection was spot on. One already has. As someone who like complications in watches I suppose it's natural that I was drawn to the Longines and the Tag. They have an elegance about them that's not marred by the complication of...
stunning watch, but of course that would be a $1000 difference for one trading in Australian currency, probably worth it too. If I had bought these 6 months ago when the dollars were at parity I'd have literally saved myself thousands (or at least one thousand)!
I can pick up the Tag for 2975 - so roughly $300 which equates to about $450 Aus Dollars. So, from my perspective a hemisphere away, $450.
Fair enough. Thanks for chiming in. So what did you think about the Tag?
I may as well chuck this in for consideration as well
The Longines has retrograde movement on the hands at the 6 and 12. I'll tell you what, just go here to see the vid I personally like the Longines' complication but was also thinking that the dial was a bit busy, and would be more so in person. I haven't actually physically seen that watch as they don't sell it in Australia. I also considered that it may be a bit overpriced. The AT I thought was simple and elegant enough for...
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