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Greetings, welcome to my Brunello Cucinelli thread. If you have any questions about my items please let me know.All prices are shipped in the USA - for international shipping please contact.Thanks and Enjoy.(will have all photos up by 10/18, some are giving me an issue for some reason)0) $5,850 Goose Down Parka - Wool / Cashmere - 50EU - $1,650 [[SPOILER]] 1) $6,000 Weekend Travel Bag - No Size - 100% Leather - NWT - $2,150 [[SPOILER]] 2) $5,850 Cashmere Goose Down Bomber...
Goose Down Parka 50 EU, Cashmere Wool Shell. $1,650 shipped. Shoulders - 18-18.5 Chest - 20.5 Length - 29.5
Hi style forum community. I am trying to get a necklace for my gf for her bday, but my seller will only ship in Italy. I need someone who can have this item shipped to them, then ship it to me in the US and collect a fee for doing so. If anyone can help me, please let me know. Please include your fee structure for assisting me with this issue. Bryan
Will also look at 50 EU
Hello styleforum, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I am looking for someone from Italy who would be willing to receive and ship a parcel for me, from Italy to the US. If anyone is willing, or knows anyone who would be, please let me know and we can work something out. Thank you, Bryan
Didn't read. sorry. Good Luck.
Absolutely unbelievably lightweight and buttery soft leather jacket from brunello, field jacket sort of style, nearly black with a slight green hue to the leather, brown lining, really tremendous piece. Detailed Measurements to follow.
This is a really great lightweight cotton suit from Brunello Cucinelli, great coloring and smooth texture as you would expect. More Measurements to follow.
Absolutely fantastic Brunello Cucinelli Turtleneck sweater in a Marled Charcoal grey color, retail is 2k, wonderful depth of color, about 3 pounds of pure cashmere!
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