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Yeah, context does matter. I work in a field (engineering) where if you're not making $100k+ by the time you're 35, you really fucked up somewhere along the line. And I work in an office where I'm one of the few people who doesn't make $100k+ (probably will next year though). So it seems a bit more normal to me. Don't get me wrong though, I think it's still a lot of money - when the day comes that I have my student loans paid off ($850/month ) and I'm still pulling in that...
dude you live in a city where the median income is ~$70k, how can $100k fuck your brain? assuming you're not a shut-in, i guarantee you pass by dozens of people every day that make $100k+I just can't see $100k as mind-blowing money when it's an income that can be achieved by several skilled professions. What blows my mind is people talking about dropping $100k like it's pocket change.e: I also find it kind of weird that anyone on this forum would blanch at that kind of...
Why? Low six figures isn't really all that special these days.
It's definitely a muted wine melange, albeit not to the extent that tonio's picture would make you think (I think the photo is a little bit overexposed). The pictures of the wine melange Slumgum scarf on Suspension Point are a pretty accurate representation of the color.
I was mostly speaking in jest, @Biggskip. Houses, marriage and family are cool for those that are down with it. I don't think, though, that not wanting those things is necessarily an indication of short thinking and self-absorption. Some people are just a little bit more transient and individualistic.
on the other hand, as an renter i don't have to worry about wanting to move and finding myself upside down on a mortgage.
booze, food and clothes are better
aka people who have children
buying a house is for suckers
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