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Yeah you're gonna have to be more specific vis-à-vis Uber/Lyft because I have no idea what you're talking about.
Uhh, dark patterns?
Cost has almost nothing to do with it for me. It's about convenience and UX. Uber and Lyft both have apps that make the entire process quick, simple and efficient, and with a streamlined payment system to boot. And I can use them in just about any decently-sized city.
It's getting harder for me to have sympathy for cab companies, they've had years to adapt to the market.
This has not been my experience with cab drivers in Denver. In fact, I've had a couple of cabbies use navigation to get me to the goddamn airport.I'm not happy with how Uber & Lyft treat their drivers but cabs in Denver are borderline useless (which is the very reason Uber & Lyft are successful).
And that excuses exploiting and abusing employees because...?
I am extremely triggered right now
Richard coat is great. Do it. DO IT NOW. You know you want to.
Dunno, just somewhere in my internal calculus the scales tilt towards some of their pieces feeling a little overpriced. (To be fair, most of it is relatively reasonably priced.) And maybe it's a petty thing to get annoyed by, but €30 shipping chaps my ass a little bit.
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