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unionmade carries some decent stuff but they're a terrible store in every other facet
Really surprised people are sleeping on that one you've got for sale.
Really awesome coat, though, someone should definitely buy it. I only let mine go because Severisth really wanted it and I have a massive glut of outerwear right now.
Nah the coat has a scarf liner.Only person I can remember seeking out that coat is Severisth and I finally acquiesced to selling him mine a couple months ago.
lol how many goddamn people are gonna ask where to find that scarf
Free worldwide shipping at De Bonne Facture.
Crack coat is really more of a jacket/cardigan hybrid than an actual coat. It would be good for coastal California winter, but I wouldn't wear it as my outer layer for anywhere that gets Actually Cold.
business up front, party in the back
tts for a regular fit. modeling pictures over at Neighbour are a pretty accurate reference.
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