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there is no menswear line there is no womenswear line there is only genderqueer
Wish I knew bro, I'm completely dumbstruck and clueless. We just had what by all outward appearances was an incredible weekend, to the point that internally my switch flipped from loving her to seriously envisioning the rest of my life with her. Yesterday she was gushing about how great the weekend was and how much she was looking forward to our vacation, and then tonight the email. I'm paraphrasing, but essentially her explanation is that although she loves me, she's...
Well cowardly is probably the better word (which, to her credit, she admitted in her email). But yeah. Just yesterday we were making flight plans for a vacation in March and then this shit with no warning.Haven't responded but moreso because I have no idea what to even say. It's basically feels like being told that gravity isn't real.
Woman I thought was the final piece of the puzzle in my life just broke up with me completely out of nowhere. Over email.
On a related note: I just farted.
I have three shirts, one from S/S '12 and two from A/W '12. S/S shirt the sleeves are a little bit long, but not ridiculously so; A/W shirts are pretty much perfect.
Oh haha didn't even realize the hood and shirt could be mistaken as one thing. Nah, the hood is part of the jacket.Def jacket from S/S '13.
eli isn't it like balls deep into summer down there? how you wearin that jacket in that shit? dig it though, was within a hair's breadth of buying the navy wool version about half a dozen times over the season.
Schneider/ZamB/John Elliott/Ann D
tech companies have the most asinine recruiting/interviewing/hiring processes, i dunno how people put up with that bullshit.
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