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I actually quite like the look of those FoG sneaks but no way in hell would I pay $1200 for them. Plus everything about the label rubs me the wrong way.
Yeah I'm a 48 in every Geller top I own, so I don't see why the Pierre shirt should be any different. Will let you know how it fits when it gets here.
Dunno, didn't really pay attention. Ordered the same size as I take in Achilles lows and chelsea boots and they're very comfortable.
Also I will attest to the bballs being legit. Picked up a pair of the navy colorway from ssense on a lark and it turns out I really like them.
I picked up the navy Pierre shirt from Meyvn, should be here Monday. Gonna be dope to have when I head back to Maui next weekend.
I would absolutely try my goddamn hardest to get out of jury duty. That shit pays $50/day here in Colorado, that's not even two hours of work for me.
bad wife imo
Yeah normally I'm all about letting lighter colored footwear get dirty but for some reason I feel like those would look better if they were kept clean.that said...i still kind of want them...and hotoveli has them for a mere $860...
yeah i went tts with the richard coat and it fits great, so assuming the jacket fits the same i would recommend staying tts
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