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boot-tear-oh e: and when i type tear i mean as in the salty discharge that comes from your eyes when you're sad
did anyone PUT A BIRD ON IT tho
wish i didn't read this post. already have the olive one coming from nmwa but it's tempting to pick up the grey one too to replace the jakob jacket i lost last summer
Still stuck on an iPhone 5S myself.
yeah i spent last winter in the upper reaches of the subarctic and heattech extra warm was a godsend
i definitely remember seeing mesh airism in the past. and heattech extra warm has been available in the US since at least last winter.
nah it's definitely from a past season, based on the slant pockets. but definitely kka
yeahhhh that's definitely got a "teenager trying on dad's clothes" vibe
fucking lol if you think wearing sweatpants every day doesn't make you look like a lazy slob, especially if you're pushing 30
Seein all the chambray stuff on the US site so must just be a slower or limited rollout in France.
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