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Yeah I just took my normal CP size and they fit just fine. As I mentioned long ago when I bought the charcoal ones, I wish the ankle opening wasn't so big, but it's not a deal breaker. Still pretty great boots to wear with pants that aren't aggressively tapered. Actually ended up picking up another pair in sand when KNYEW dropped their prices to absurdly low levels.
also that pic makes it look like either you're wearing a size too small and/or the layer underneath is too thick which is just going to aggravate the fabric bunching
A couple of my Thinner jackets had that too and it went away just fine with ironing.
Oh shit that reminds me, I also bought a FL shirt from zissou. Also bought a couple FL shirts from NMWA back in November. CCP not in my wheelhouse though.
68, rainy and hella foggy here in SeattleMakawao
Yeah I had a bunch of HSA money to blow so I finally got around to buying new glasses for the first time in like 7 years, picked up a pair of Barton Perreira and a pair of DITA and they're both really great.
Been picking up a smattering of items over the last few weeks while I'm away on a business trip, our office admin is probably starting to feel like Santa Claus with how many packages she's putting on my desk. Still got a handful of pieces I'm hoping to snap up when sales hit in full force in a few weeks, and I'll probably pre-order some things for A/W '17 in late January/early February, but after that I'm pretty much shutting down my kopping until August or September (OK...
I would love to see how the TSA would react to that.
I don't even understand that guy's plan. He's going to have to watch yoox like a hawk to keep track of stock, and then hope people are dumb enough to pay his massive markups. I mean I guess it's a pretty good hustle if he can snag a few marks. e: assuming he makes any sales before someone reports him and he gets banned (I'm assuming grailed frowns upon this kind of thing)
Similar thing happened last year, the batch of yak yarn meant for my cardigan didn't meet JJVE's quality standards and the supplier didn't have any more unshorn yaks. Luckily JJVE & Suspension Point were able to work together to find another supplier and I eventually got the cardigan a few months later.
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