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Since when? I have a 32" waist and both pairs of Geller pants I have are size 46.
Haha goddammit, I was just in San Fran last Monday and dropped by The Archive and bought a KKA jacket for full retail + sales tax. Kinda would've been nice if they'd told me it was gonna go on sale in a few days, but I can't blame or hate on them for not doing so.
Yeah that's correct. There was one size IV that got passed around on B&S a few times a couple years ago. Never had the money at the right time.
Maybe some day I'll do a purge and you'll get lucky. I have so goddamn much outerwear now that I can't even reasonably fit it all into my coat closet.
One of my greatest regrets in life is not buying it when I had the chance (on multiple occasions). Guessing it's a lost dream at this point.
If only I could find a size IV alpaca in moss I would happily part ways with my plain coat.
Hotel rates keep going up yet their internet services keep getting worse and worse. It's embarrassing how many cellular network hotspots I see on the wifi list every time I stay in a hotel.
those are outliers that will never actually sell at that price.just did a quick check of ebay and the biker jeans, for example, are listed for three to four bills -- way more than any reasonable person should pay but still far, far less than the mainline bikers go for.
I lost my denim jakob jacket from AW11 this summer and I still get sad about it sometimes.
I used to have a nice list I got off a food&drink PR girl there, but I gave it away to another friend heading to London. Brick Lane curry shops aren't anything to write home about, they're the kind of place you go to at 3am when you're hammered drunk. Tayyab's just a little ways off Brick Lane was pretty decent though. If you're into burgers, hit up MEATmission in Hoxton. Maybe it was just because I was a bit drunk at the time but I thought their green chili burger was...
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