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You need to look closer.
superego do guys like you have a manual or something? That was pretty much a textbook defensive post. "jeez guys it was just casual misogyny! " "I saw a picture of a woman, was I not supposed to make an unsolicited comment on her attractiveness?!?"
I wish I'd bought a couple more pairs of the UU jeans, they're really comfortable, fit is great and they've held up really well over time.
Nah, you're remembering correctly. Moreover, his comments are usually apropos of nothing. It's bad enough that he has a really fucked up view of gender and beauty, but the fact that his perception of Distorbiant's taste in women bugged him so much that he felt compelled to bring it up out of nowhere is just like really, really weird.
maybe reedo was speaking french
Wu Year's Eve is gonna fuckin own JElliott/ZamB/JElliott/AnnD
Well first of all why are you posting this in WAYWT?But to maybe answer your question, have you tried tracking it through Canada Post? It's been my experience that USPS tracking gets all kinds of fucked up on international packages when the package is not in the United States.
Oh great unsolicited credit card advice chat again.
Are credit card companies tightening up who they give cards to or something? I got my first one way back in my sophomore year of undergrad, was unsecured and I don't think I had to have a cosigner either.
People don't seem to like it? Last time I posted a fit with it there were like half a dozen people lamenting their inability to find it in their size.
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