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Let's just say it belies the name.
To be fair, IIRC very few stores carried it. None in the Western Hemisphere that I can recall.
Nah it was AW 13/14, same season as Wick. Can't remember what the full name was, but the pre-order code was CLI. It's unlined and I think a little bit longer than the Wick. More of an overcoat.
Probably not, actually. Shirting usually runs a little bit smaller than knits/outerwear for whatever reason. I virtually always take shirts in V and knits/outerwear in IV.I have it in IV but you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
took a hot minute to find but: https://ninelivesbrand.com/collections/nine-lives
goddamn that is beautiful
ssense has a handful of new pieces up as well, although unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) they went super safe for the most part. still a couple of decent pieces
goddammit, even though i preordered a fuckload of stuff, y'all motherfuckers are already making me want more just with the first delivery thinner jackets are fantastic, i was pleasantly surprised by how substantial the materials are is this the first time stephan has made hats? i don't remember ever seeing any before
it amuses/baffles me to no end how weird people get about feet
espadrilles are highly unideal for the beach
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