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hate to be the bearer of bad news but mine just came in the post today and it'll have to be pried from my cold, dead hands. i think they stocked more than one in 48, though, so maybe you'll get lucky with someone else.
yeah i will second totokaelo and blue owl. the former is one of the best designed shops i've ever been to (and it doesn't hurt that they carry some dope shit) and the latter provides an amazing customer service experience
haven't really paid attention to the thighs/calfs, so dunno
yeah my Springs have definitely loosened up a little bit in the waist
bah either saks has screwy inventory management or one of you fuckers snagged the size M patch bomber sometime in the five minute gap between adding it to my cart and hitting "place order"
boot-tear-oh e: and when i type tear i mean as in the salty discharge that comes from your eyes when you're sad
did anyone PUT A BIRD ON IT tho
wish i didn't read this post. already have the olive one coming from nmwa but it's tempting to pick up the grey one too to replace the jakob jacket i lost last summer
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