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Eh, it certainly is now (amazingly it still exists). But at least back when this article was written they used a lot of pastels and garish patterns.
I just so happened to have one of my old Modern Amusement jackets handy and umm, well:
It was on the FAQ page, just clicked on the same link again and it worked just fine. Same browser both times, albeit on different computers.But speaking of measurements, is the waist on the Still Life trousers really as huge as your measurements state? I mean I know they're drawstring pants, but 40 inches on a size 4 still seems enormous.
well that's weird, just like half an hour ago when i clicked on the link for that page it took me back to the storefront
I was gonna be a snarky asshole and tell you to go to their page literally titled "How we Measure" but it appears to no longer exist.
Dunno if it's the best but it's probably my favorite one to wear out of what I have. There were a couple from Frozen Waves that I wish I could go back in time and get my hands on.
Hey so what's the story with the Massdrop trainers? Last status update email I got on them was almost six weeks ago...
Nah, just visiting for a few days.
Stopped by Maas & Stacks today, they have a few items in shop that aren't up on the website yet. Couple pairs of wool pants, the grey melange Richard jacket, and the belted bomber and coat (both in black). Both M&S and Acrimony are still getting at least one more delivery.
TATIANA is kind of unpredictable. Also I suspect they might be a little busy pushing out the new season.
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