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lol you say this as if any beach near San Fran is worth a shit plus it's like a couple of hundo round trip to LA from Denver which is a pittance for anyone who spends thousands of dollars a year on clothes
Y'all could just hit the nice middle ground and live in a city like Denver (but not Denver, WE'RE FULL). We have most of the good qualities of a larger metropolis but without the bursting-at-the-seams population crowding and a relatively low cost of living in the grand scheme of things. Plus, mountains.
That Faust op-ed is hilariously terrible. It's about as prosaic as you would expect from a high school sophomore cribbing Cliff's Notes to write a book report, and has almost as much intellectual rigor as the steaming pile of shit my dog dropped on the ground a couple hours ago. He and his coterie of uninviting, pretentious pricks are way more dangerous to the continued viability of the avant-garde corner of the fashion world than grailed could ever hope to be. e: I...
FYF has a pretty solid lineup this year, kinda tempted to make the trek out to LA for it
That sounds like someone fucked up on measurements. TBB measurements for both bedfords and bakers are 17.5 s2s and 19.5 p2p on a small, which sounds about right.
and for that matter: Who's on first?
Eh mine have held up pretty well and I've had them for like three or four years now.
how da fuck do you park like this and just call it a day?
that blows. i think virtually every international package i've ever received has gone through new york and i've never had a problem.
If it were me I'd rather answer a few questions than have to eat a bunch of shipping costs, but I don't run the store so ymmv. Also buying items just to try them on or buying multiple sizes is sort of a dick move on a limited stock item -- it prevents other people who are sure they want it and/or know their size from purchasing it, and it leaves the shop with inventory hanging out there in limbo.
New Posts  All Forums: