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For what it's worth, my experience with Schneider is that I always have to go up a size (5) for shirting vis à vis my knit/outerwear size (4). In some cases I could almost get away with a 4 if it weren't for the neck, but in most cases going with a 4 would also be too small in the chest and too short in the sleeve. Dunno if it works that way for everyone else (I'm about 6'1", 155 lbs., 38US/48EU). On a related note, it's also been my experience that his spring/summer...
Says right in the description that it has a concealed button closure.
The hell does this mean?
Don't sleep on the cashmere hoodcoat y'all, it's super fucking nice. I probably look like a fucking weirdo whenever I wear mine, I end up idly caressing it a lot because it's so goddamn soft.
Err that's from From Rugs to Riches tho, not Frozen Waves.
There is no quicker way to get on my permanent shitlist than to wear square-toed shoes. I don't know why they get my goat so much but just seeing them makes my blood boil and I find it impossible to respect anyone who wears them.
@brad-t can explain it better but as i recall it's something along the lines of japanese goods being exported at japanese retail price
You say that now...
Standard & Strange definitely has some Kapital on their webshop, but yeah not everything that's in the store. I actually randomly ended up at the shop the weekend before last while on a trip to the Bay Area, I was really impressed. I was mainly there because I was looking for a Rogue Territory stockist, but I did take a look at their Kapital stock and the ring coat is super nice. If I'd had more money to blow I definitely would've kopped.
Since when? I have a 32" waist and both pairs of Geller pants I have are size 46.
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