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Oh great unsolicited credit card advice chat again.
Are credit card companies tightening up who they give cards to or something? I got my first one way back in my sophomore year of undergrad, was unsecured and I don't think I had to have a cosigner either.
People don't seem to like it? Last time I posted a fit with it there were like half a dozen people lamenting their inability to find it in their size.
Customs is based on country of origin (i.e. where the goods were manufactured), not where they are sold from, AFAIK.
Was gonna buy that in IV towards the end of the season if it was still available.
Nobody said the USPS receives government funding, so umm congratulations on winning an argument with a figment of your imagination.
This is where I remind everyone that a large number of Republicans and their base would like to shut down the USPS and let private companies handle all mail.
Yeah just saw something about UPS and FedEx both being behind on shipments, citing weather or a glut of shipments or some such bullshit. I did have UPS deliver a package a day early last week or the week before, which like never ever happens.
Saturday night: Wu/Ploier/Schneider/Buttero
first thing you need to do is stop doing really dumb poses.
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