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heh, I still have a pair of those marc jacobs vans slip-ons lying around somewhere. also a pair of beat to shit sperry x modern amusement vans-like slip-ons from the same time period
Dropped by M&S today since I'm in the Bay for a minute, the Richard "coat" is hot fire and I'm srsly agonizing over whether or not to go back and drop the seven bills for it.
Shit I forgot there's a Barney's in SF, will have to check it out this trip.
how dare u
The JE thread is so, so bad, to the point that it almost turns me off of the brand entirely, but some of his stuff is pretty legit. I love his u-necks and the jeans are pretty legit too. Pricing is getting a little absurd, though, but I can't blame a du for hustling when his brand blows up.
Also I might actually be ready to let go of the plain coat after this winter. And yeah I keep meaning to post fits but it's hard in the winter because it's usually dark or close to it by the time I get home from work and have a chance to change into real clothes.Fam I might be mildly flush as of late but I ain't rich. I almost regretted spending so much on SS pre-orders when I saw there were gonna be Geller pre-orders, but I'm kinda underwhelmed by the Geller bombers so...
lol. Yes I'm fully aware that it's some level of ridiculous. But I love bombers and this design in particular and am kind of making up for not buying any over the years (except a long Geller one from the sample sale). Couldn't make up my mind on which one(s) I liked the most and have plenty of disposable income to spare so I just said fuck it and copped a slew of them. To be honest, unless the fit ends up being off for some reason, I'll be keeping at least four of them for...
Felt like a dick for a second because I saw your first post and was gonna be like "yeah man I went wild too " and then I saw your response and my first thought was "shit son just a drop in the bucket" because I really went balls deep on preorders. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah I was gonna throw in some more detailed explanations, including how it depends on what kind of consumer you are, but I was tired and just mailed in a post.
eh, depends on the brand. way back in the day i had a pair of new standards that started out so tight i had serious concerns about future viable fertility, but by the time the day came to take them back behind the barn and put them out of their misery i couldn't wear them without a belt.
New Posts  All Forums: