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Fancier/more elaborate packaging just means more steps in between me and my shit. Suspension Point and zfactorie do it right - each item in a plastic bag and a layer of tissue paper around everything. Haven't figured out what to do with all the Zam garment bags I have piled up (almost every individual item comes with one), though.
lmao it's 2014 and bros still think "gay" is an insult
what the hell did i just look at
It's the cotton and linen tank from this season. Really wanna pick up one or two of the longer version, too.
That Breezy fit seriously fuckin owns. Really bummed I missed out on the tech-cardigan coat.
Ann D sneakers, everything else Zam Barrett
I'm kind meh on the Moth cardigan, although I don't think it's quite deserving of the hate it initially got. I much prefer the look of the hooded cardigan from S/S '14, though.
By weekends do you mean times that I'm home? Then no, not really. He'll bark at certain things (large commotions out in the lobby, other dogs walking close by to our door and/or barking at him) as most dogs are wont to do, but he'll stop pretty quickly if I tell him to. The issue seems to be when I'm not there to tell him to stop. I've had him for over five years now and lived in apartments almost all of that time (a year in the current building) and I've never had any...
Right? It's kind of mind-boggling that apparently there are multiple people in close proximity to my apartment that are usually home all day. Oh and lol I forgot to mention, they left that note on my door while I was home (and if it's the person I suspect it is, they knew I was home).
Before anyone says I'm the asshole in this situation, it should be noted that I just found out about this allegedly-constant (the audio I recorded today says otherwise) barking yesterday. I understand the frustration, but threatening to kill my dog is pretty fucked up.
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