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business up front, party in the back
tts for a regular fit. modeling pictures over at Neighbour are a pretty accurate reference.
How light are we talking? Gelled 3-year and 5-year fades are both pretty good. I also really like John Elliott's Spring wash.
Sleeves are fine for me but yeah I agree that it'd be nice if there was an interior chest pocket.
fine we'll say it was a bad year because literally every MTO item I bought came in months later than originally scheduled and also my Film coat got shitcanned
trump being elected easily makes it the worst year since 1933
goddamn that's an amazing coat
Yeah I think sometimes they will scan a package as delivered so they can say it was on time (I imagine drivers have performance metrics they have to hit) and then just sneakily drop it off the next day.
I wonder how accurate the "find in store" deal is on the website. Says they don't have any heattech products in Denver which is absolutely ludicrous.
New Posts  All Forums: