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Yeah motorcycles are cool and all, but I have zero desire to ride one and I'll definitely never buy one. Russian roulette on two wheels imo.
cf. the guy who lived next to me freshmen year of college that wrote an editorial in the college newspaper about why seat belt laws are tyranny and then promptly died a few months later in a car accident after being thrown from the vehicle because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt (everyone else in the vehicle were wearing seat belts and only suffered minor scrapes and bruises)
my anecdotal experience has been that "keep right except to pass" laws are actually counterproductive because Americans are immature assholes who love nothing more than spitting in the face of anyone telling them to exercise common sense and courtesy
Been like 12 years since I've been there (Christ I'm getting old), but uhh if Tresor is still open it was the coolest club I've ever been to.
Wait so you made an investment based on anecdotal observation? OK. The percent of adults in the USA that smoke dropped from 20.9% in 2005 to 16.8% in 2014. And as far as I can tell (though I may be wrong), Altria only owns PMUSA so international markets (where smoking habits are different) are irrelevant.
Smoking is steadily falling out of favor, but very gradually. And it's not like it's going to disappear overnight. Plus the big tobacco companies are pretty much going to have a stranglehold on the vaping industry if the FDA's draconian deeming regulations go into effect unaltered.
lol I've been bumpin The Infamous quite a bit lately
that sure is a lot of pomp and circumstance for sub-$500 sneakers
Depends on how much it would add to your premium, but yeah I could see it maybe being worthwhile for multi-thousand dollar items. But for a whole wardrobe, nah. Way too much paperwork and (at least personally) on the vanishingly small side of the cost-benefit ratio.
cotton you say? i uhh cracked and bought them btw, supposed to be delivered tomorrow (if UPS doesn't fuck up any further than they already have on this package)
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