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i think project no 8 gave up on the label a while ago too
sk manor hill perhaps? been waffling back and forth for weeks whether i should give their linen lab coat a shot
not really though? i just bought a new pair from frans boone for their full (VAT excluded) retail and it was only about 300 USD
Sometimes Russ wears some silly shit but a lot of times he wears dope shit. He's cool in my book.
speaking of which, i have a pair of the white lows coming tomorrow and frankly it's absurd that it took me this long to pick up a pair
not like it's gonna blow up our spot, so who gives a shit?
I wasn't aware fanny packs were back en vogue.
They did it in dark navy twill this season, dunno who has it in stock. TBB still has stock on grey tropical wool and olive twill.
I don't have anything useful to share re: the business end of things, but these look like really nice bags! e: also as an engineer with a deep interest in fashion it's really cool to see someone else make the transition
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