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Eh, doesn't surprise me it made it to that deep of a discount. I really can't force myself to like that colorway even at $212.
this is how i look when people start talking about the finer points of tie knots
I actually quite like the look of those FoG sneaks but no way in hell would I pay $1200 for them. Plus everything about the label rubs me the wrong way.
Yeah I'm a 48 in every Geller top I own, so I don't see why the Pierre shirt should be any different. Will let you know how it fits when it gets here.
Dunno, didn't really pay attention. Ordered the same size as I take in Achilles lows and chelsea boots and they're very comfortable.
Also I will attest to the bballs being legit. Picked up a pair of the navy colorway from ssense on a lark and it turns out I really like them.
I picked up the navy Pierre shirt from Meyvn, should be here Monday. Gonna be dope to have when I head back to Maui next weekend.
I would absolutely try my goddamn hardest to get out of jury duty. That shit pays $50/day here in Colorado, that's not even two hours of work for me.
bad wife imo
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