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Pretty sure this is the first time.
That coat is goddamn amazing.
To be fair, that depends upon where you live. Here in Denver it doesn't truly warm up until May (i.e. warm enough for S/S wear day and night) [and even then, snowstorms in May are not uncommon], and it doesn't truly cool down until late October/early November, so there's a lot of overlap between fashion seasons and actual seasons.But overall I agree with your post. I used to buy almost exclusively from sales, but now that I have a higher income, have built up a decent...
i knew there was a good reason i was waiting 2 kop richard coat
Just out of curiosity, is Kapital one of those labels that doesn't allow their merchandise to be discounted? I noticed that it's conspicuously missing from Unionmade's end of season sale, despite the fact that they have a ton of stock left. Prospects don't sound good for them continuing to carry the label, incidentally. When I stopped in over this past week (expressly for the purpose of looking at/trying on/possibly buying some Kapital pieces, and after circling the...
heh, I still have a pair of those marc jacobs vans slip-ons lying around somewhere. also a pair of beat to shit sperry x modern amusement vans-like slip-ons from the same time period
Dropped by M&S today since I'm in the Bay for a minute, the Richard "coat" is hot fire and I'm srsly agonizing over whether or not to go back and drop the seven bills for it.
Shit I forgot there's a Barney's in SF, will have to check it out this trip.
how dare u
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