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did you lose the spares that came with the coat?
The idea of paying someone else to do menial household tasks feels uncomfortably bougie to me.
Maas & Stacks, Cruvoir, Opening Ceremony e: Project No 8 stopped carrying Schneider years ago
buncha goddamn abe simpsons itt right now
wish the fuckers would hurry and open up the Denver location already. initial reports were september but last i read they're only just now starting the interview process for staff
See now to me, this is one of those outfits that looks cool on the runway, but if I saw some rando walking down the street in it I'd be like "jesus what a fucking dweeb"
err, kind of a matter of personal opinion isn't it?
evocative of a burlap sack imo but ymmv
i think even size 36s have
Eh, it certainly is now (amazingly it still exists). But at least back when this article was written they used a lot of pastels and garish patterns.
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