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tech companies have the most asinine recruiting/interviewing/hiring processes, i dunno how people put up with that bullshit.
Holy shit A/W '14 looks so goddamn good.
Lookbook photos are pretty cool, albeit slightly annoying that you can't really see much of the clothes themselves in some of the pictures. From what I can tell it looks like a really fuckin great collection, though, especially the outerwear. Gonna save like every penny I can for SP pre-order, assuming that happens again. Super excited that NMWA will be carrying Schneider starting this spring, was starting to worry about the attrition of Western Hemisphere stockists.
Guess something was happening after all: http://wrongweather.tumblr.com/post/73749240311/wrong-weather-paris-mens-fashion-week-aw14Love the pants, very Dries-esque.
From what I remember from Teger's interview, the collection isn't even complete yet.
fuck tha (thumb) police
Fancier/more elaborate packaging just means more steps in between me and my shit. Suspension Point and zfactorie do it right - each item in a plastic bag and a layer of tissue paper around everything. Haven't figured out what to do with all the Zam garment bags I have piled up (almost every individual item comes with one), though.
lmao it's 2014 and bros still think "gay" is an insult
what the hell did i just look at
It's the cotton and linen tank from this season. Really wanna pick up one or two of the longer version, too.
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