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mmm really like the color on that jacket stitches
heh, that's really surprising.
Yeah makes sense I suppose. Still feel like they were one of the top buyers and probably had enough customer loyalty to not suffer from additional stockists being in the mix, but then again I don't run a shop so I can't really judge.
e: redacted
buy this coat people
$600 obo + shipping & paypal is kind of having a laugh...
wow really appreciate all the compliments dudes
is this what it's like to have a stranger kick your dog? (8) seriously tho kinda baffling, from what i could tell schneider was selling incredibly well for them. rarely saw much make it past 30% off, and even then pickings were often slim by the time that sale level hit.
ugh no please no
Nah they're from the current season, picked them up from Wrong Weather.
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