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nah mikey bro that's just a fakeout
itt a scrub doesn't "get" RO
c'mon son
fuck texas i hope baylor drops a century on them
Yeah it was kind of neat very early on when it was just the style profiles (hell, wasn't c4est featured in one of them?), even if the writing was subpar. Now it's just...it's just bad.
Dunno how long they've been up but there are some additional photos of the A/W '13 collection up at Peir's website.
Thanks for doing this, it's a very interesting read. Peir is one of the most gifted designers in the business right now, in my opinion, and the reasons why show through quite starkly in this interview.
haha nah like 6'1" or soelisix: size IV usually
Heh I almost bought that way back when tonio first put it up for sale. Would say I'd be interested in it if you sell it, but I'm focusing on some other things right now.Thanks.
Yeah sure is.
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