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Take notes, people who have to justify their kops to a significant other.
My immediate reaction is that the boots seem a bit chunky for the rest of the outfit but it still owns.
well this conversation certainly went in unexpected places :/
Forgot to quote this. Don't misunderstand me, I don't view relationships as part of some checklist. I already have a great job and live in a city I love and generally have a pretty awesome life, and she complemented that.
I figure it has something to do with it, although to what extent I don't know. Nursing isn't at all what she intended to start a career in, but rather came to her as a calling after undergrad. She's been having a really difficult time reconciling her propensity to connect with her patients with the fact that a lot of them die (she works in a cardiothoracic ICU). It's one thing to have doubts about your job, but having doubts about what you feel is your calling is probably...
Damn dude, sorry to hear it. She just turned 30 and up until now had acted like it (was a not insignificant part of why I appreciated the relationship so much). Between her email and that text it sounds like she wants fairy tale bullshit which is pretty pathetic for a 30 year old (as is breaking up over email). And she should know better because in her email she listed the only three times in her life when she's had that "certain feeling of rightness" - one was meeting her...
right? this was my first serious relationship in like three years, i'd forgotten how expensive they can be. wonder if i should try to get back the zam scarf i gave her...(perhaps disturbingly this was one of my first thoughts after i got a grip)
there is no menswear line there is no womenswear line there is only genderqueer
Wish I knew bro, I'm completely dumbstruck and clueless. We just had what by all outward appearances was an incredible weekend, to the point that internally my switch flipped from loving her to seriously envisioning the rest of my life with her. Yesterday she was gushing about how great the weekend was and how much she was looking forward to our vacation, and then tonight the email. I'm paraphrasing, but essentially her explanation is that although she loves me, she's...
Well cowardly is probably the better word (which, to her credit, she admitted in her email). But yeah. Just yesterday we were making flight plans for a vacation in March and then this shit with no warning.Haven't responded but moreso because I have no idea what to even say. It's basically feels like being told that gravity isn't real.
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