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Really want that hooded duffle coat. Damn you unemployment.
Zam Barrett overdyed soft j pants.
Old ass pair of R.M. Williams, French Veal Calf Turnout iirc.
more like village idiot but ok
Her point is certainly applicable when viewed through the lens of this forum -- I think most people here are trying to build their wardrobes towards something that they can look at in the morning and see a bevy of cohesive, quality options that seamlessly match their lifestyle (as opposed to sighing and lamenting the incompleteness of it) -- but I think it falls apart when applied to the general population as she seems to be trying to do. People didn't necessarily curate...
Bougie boomer blinded by a bubble of privilege whines about "kids these days" and conflates correlation with causation, film at 11.
Archive probably.
Speaking of which, AmRag finally put shit up online. And by put shit up I mean it says "coming soon."
Yeah pretty much what I mean. There used to be a time when it was worth jumping on w+h at full retail but now it's just gotten out of hand. $800+ for a relatively boring coat that's stocked at dozens of stores? You can get designer coats that are both more interesting and unique in design and made with better materials for that price.
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