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Was just thinkin the other day we haven't seen much from art lately. Lookin real good.
Suspension Point has measurements for the Chandler, that should sort you out.
may as well go full retard at that point and break out the crocs bonus points for fulfilling the american tourist stereotype
shit works for me man what can i tell you besides running shoes are designed for the particular stresses of...running. not like moo gonna be running across france like some kind of sartorial forrest gump. bro just needs to get around.
bro it topped out at like 67 here today, shit was great
Real talk if I was going somewhere and I knew I'd be doing a metric shit ton of walking, I'd take my CP Achilles. When those fuckers are broke in they're about as comfortable as it gets. Ann D sneaks are pretty comfy too, while we're at it. Glad you're putting thought and planning into this, though, Moo. Couple years ago I took a week-long vacation to Seattle and mostly spent it just kind of walking around the city exploring. One of the days I wore my RMWs and mercy did I...
lol yeah that's almost dead on for what the "certified mixologist" that ran the bar by my old apartment wore
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