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Damn, always thought you two seemed like a good couple.
If it makes you feel any better, the arms almost certainly would've been too slim for you.
Why would they?
I believe the word is "portly."
Thanks! I don't think I even make a conscious decision to do that, just kinda happens.
Pretty solid, about on par with Peir Wu I'd say. Nice materials, solid construction, excellent tailoring.
yeah it's called reddit
This might sound kind of snobby, but I'd like B&S a lot more if mass market brands were banned. If I wanted used J. Crew/AA/Gap etc. I'd go to Goodwill or something.
Those Buttero sidezips everyone was curious about came in a few days ago. Haven't really had the time to take pics (maybe tomorrow) but I will say that I like them a lot. Went with my CP size and the fit is on point (slightly roomier than CPs, which is actually kind of a good thing). The heel is relatively tall, doesn't bother me but I can see how some might not like it. Most of the extra heel height is due to the rubber layer, without it the heel is pretty much the same...
New Posts  All Forums: