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ugh no please no
Nah they're from the current season, picked them up from Wrong Weather.
Yeah they were more of a practical choice for today given the non-stop rain. What is this Seattle or something??Thanks stitches, it really is a gorgeous color. Editing probably makes it look a little bit more intense than it does in reality, but it's still on point.
That looks really effin good brad.
Schneider x 3, Chippewa x J Crew
That's actually rather subdued compared to those print suits DvN put out last season.
Why aren't you wearing black socks already?
TTS. Also it's more of a dark beige than a gray. Interior lining is...oatmeal is the word that comes to mind.
wool paraffin owns so much. i can't even deal green coat is awesome too, really beautiful shade. definitely an overcoat, can't see myself wearing it with anything less than a thick knit (minimum) underneath. cotton trousers and green sweater i got from wrong weather are really nice too. the pants are quite possibly the softest cotton i've ever felt, almost like a wool flannel. sweater is thankfully not short, sits a couple inches below my hips. oh and for whoever asked...
Was just thinkin the other day we haven't seen much from art lately. Lookin real good.
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