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My brain is too fried to try to think of any other stockists right now (although I think I posted a link a few pages back to some store in Abu Dhabi or something), but you can probably scratch Au Revoir et Merci off the list. They've been "shut down for site maintenance" for several months, doubt they're ever coming back. And I guess Stand Up Comedy still technically counts since they have a few pieces from S/S '12 but they haven't gotten anything new since then (or at...
Did I just define steez?
I would hate that on 99% of people but somehow it looks cool on you.
Still regret not buying those when I had the chance.
Fit is critical, obviously, but it's not everything. That should be self-evident.
How do you mean?
Was gonna give you first crack at them if they didn't fit, but unfortunately for you they are a perfect fit on me.
Pretty sure that tee needs to be at least a size bigger.
Opened up my package from Suspension Point and there was a Schneider lookbook included.
New Posts  All Forums: