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Not that I'm aware of. If I remember correctly it was an extremely limited run fabric, Zam only sold maybe a dozen pairs or something like that.The seams were like that from the get go, actually, they were intentionally dyed that way.
If I remember correctly he did mention somewhere that he recognizes the need for better pictures (on Zfactorie, at least). It is possible to take somewhat decent pictures of his clothes, I guess. The two most-thumbed fits I've had were when I was wearing Zam pants, fwiw. Always really liked this detail shot I took of the heavy cotton overdyed soft J pants:
get back to me when a mere three drinks and half a pack of cigs gives you a day-long hangover
think it's more the former than the latter (or maybe either or) but yeah love the outfit otherwise.
e: ^^^ those pants are kind of the epitome of what i mean. pictures don't do justice to just how goddamn luxurious the fabric is.It's very similar to the situation with Schneider - the details, the quality of craftsmanship and, most importantly, the fabrics are incredible when you have the clothes in your hands/on your body, but are very difficult or impossible to translate via photography.
Yeah will start posting fits again in the near future I think. Been crazy busy the last six months with a new job in a new city and haven't had much time for SF or even fashion in general. edit: Had my eye on this Peir Wu jacket for a while, finally caved in today.
A few ZB things came in the mail today, couldn't be more pleased.
Stumbled upon a store in the UAE, The Style Chamber, that has a rather extensive selection (both men's and women's) from the current season.
I see people say this all the time about sunglasses, and it always boggles my mind. I had one pair of sunglasses stolen, but I've never broken a pair. Do a lot of people treat their sunglasses like shit, or something? What is this intrinsic property of sunglasses that dooms them to destruction?
don't shoot the messenger bro
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