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I leave Denver for one effin day and come back and it's in the 90s
artishard pics always make me feel like i've made so many wrong decisions in my life
Coated overlocked DNA jeans.
Wang Plokhov Wish I could've bought the boots too but I've spent enough lately.
yes tell us more about this mysterious plastic bin
Cheers for the compliments. Only thing that sucks about the haircut (lately, anyways) is chucklefucks complimenting me on my "Justin Bieber haircut."
[[SPOILER]]Yep couldn't stand it anymore and changed, feel a million times better. [[SPOILER]] That's just a trick of the lighting or my facial structure or something, happens a lot when I take pictures for some reason. I actually have full coverage going on.
Been a while. Tee feels wrong when I look at the picture but c'est la vie. Peir Wu/Uniqlo/Zam Barrett/Rachel Comey
Not that I'm aware of. If I remember correctly it was an extremely limited run fabric, Zam only sold maybe a dozen pairs or something like that.The seams were like that from the get go, actually, they were intentionally dyed that way.
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