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I do: it's in my closet.
You're dead to me.
Farfetch being a bit cheeky here. Noticed they have a bunch of stuff from Wrong Weather listed at 30% off, when it's 65% off at Wrong Weather's site.
Can't you ask them to hold off on shipping it?
That is a bit of a predicament. :[ It's pretty much the same width from the chest down soooo...
I'd definitely go up to a VII if I were you, otherwise those guns of yours will be bursting out of the sleeves.
good lawd
Yeah, I'd say so. TTS for a slim fit, +1 for a bit more drape.
It is. Textures are really great in person, and the patterning on the body and sleeves line up in a really cool way.
Ha that jacket is one of my grails too, but this version of it (which was also only available in Japan iirc):
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