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Same shit happens to LeBron. The greatest crime a successful person (especially if they're black) can commit is the crime of not being extremely humble.
Kanye is a bit crazy and a little too sensitive, but I respect the passion and the talent. I think he's a lot more intelligent than people give him credit for. Kimmel's jab at him was pretty lazy, unfunny and out of touch and he deserved to be called out on it.
He has dropped his own collection. Two of them, in fact. Didn't go over so well.Heard he's gonna give it another go with the help of someone from Balmain.
I would imagine we'll see more from Suspension Point and Wrong Weather. Allegedly Forward at some point. Maybe La Garconne and Project No. 8? e: La Garconne has some women's up but no men's, which is probably a bad sign. e2: Pretty sure Neighbour is getting a second shipment too.
Speaking of Au Revoir et Merci, are they still even in business? Their online shop has been "temporarily" down for like a year now.
Bunch of items added on Forward. Black trench looks pretty nice.
Guess everyone has to pay the piper sometime -- finally got hit with my first customs bill. $100 on a $600 order.
c'mon son you asked the question in a rather baroque manner, it deserved a touch of ridicule
I forgot how annoying it is when the hype machine blows up a budding designer. Some shameful shit going on in the John Elliott thread.
New Posts  All Forums: