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Yeah it's been my experience that anything in cotton canvas runs a little bit slimmer.
South Willard usually carries one or two pairs each season. But yeah usually don't see much in the line of trousers except over in Japan.
I dunno what the quality is like on Benenato's work but yeah I was just browsing through some of her pieces on HL the other day and there's a lot to like imo.
Eh, doesn't look like that should really be an issue.
I really want the striped version mindtrive has, praying someone over in the Western Hemisphere carries it.
Yeah might be, we'll see. As long as it hits my hips and has high enough armholes to not ride up I'll be happy.
Been a little busy with the kops this weekend, got just about everything I want for the season save for a few things that will be dropping later on. Suspension Point got my Schneider pre-orders in yesterday, green coat I can't seem to find a picture of and the navy/cream Paraffin jacket: Some other Schneider stuff: Ervell: 3sixteen: 3sixteenxViberg:
dat peir wu tip goddamn
Yeah but the black one on SP right now is cotton, I'd be incredibly surprised if the wool version isn't more expensive. And damn, $810 is rather steep, not even the Japanese shops are charging that much.e: oh didn't catch your edit.
lol @ the modelling pics for the contrast-waistband jeans, it's almost like they purposely covered up the namesake of the jeans in every single shot
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