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Pretty sure that tee needs to be at least a size bigger.
Opened up my package from Suspension Point and there was a Schneider lookbook included.
#firstworldproblem if i've ever seen one
Not for me. I'm a true 32 waist and had to go with a 46 (as I always do with Geller pants), but that only works for me because I have skinny legs.
Anyone who slept on the sepia jeans - I hope you feel shame for the rest of your days. They're next level.
I'm right in the center of Denver so no worries for me. One of my coworkers lost his house (that he was renting) down in Colorado Springs, though, and didn't have renter's insurance. Fire started on a Tuesday and he had to evacuate on Wednesday, so he lost pretty much everything.
That's cool grandpa when are we going fishing?
Eh, MAAS & Stacks measurements peg them as being almost identical to the Uniqlo x Undercover jeans I have (which are also cotton/poly stretch), and those fit like a dream. Worst case scenario I eat a pittance in shipping costs and return them to Gilt (on the snowballs chance in hell that nobody here wants them).
Gilt redeems itself for once. Didn't think I'd be able to get the sepia jeans in a 46 for less than two bills.
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