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flat caps are the devil
bah fuck me. hostem is precisely the store i kept trying to remember the entire time i was there. and looking at the map i walked right past it at least a dozen times.
ohhhhh yeah if shah meant lncc then i missed that on purpose
Which one did I miss? There are so many goddamn shops in London that it's easy to lose track. Plus I spent a solid chunk of time going to museums and such. And lost a couple of days to massive hangovers. I work in electrical power systems testing and commissioning. Can't remember if I signed an NDA for this one so I won't mention the client by name (not hard to figure out though).
Oh and also this happened:
Very much alive! Just have had a ridiculously busy professional life the past twelve months or so, particularly this past winter. Spent most of November through March in LuleƄ, Sweden working 80 hour weeks, so about my only fashion concern most of the winter was not freezing to death (heattech is honestly pretty damn effective). On the bright side, I did get to spend a week and a half in London in early March without paying for airfare and went to a ton of shops. DSM is...
you rang?
Buhhh of course I'll be stuck working out in rural Colorado when that shit drops.
This discussion is making me so fucking sad right now.
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