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Yeah didn't really notice it when I was tweaking the photo but it was way underexposed. This is a lot truer representation of the actual colors (although unfortunately there's nothing I can do to fix the fact that the ribbing on the sleeves and the texture of the pants is washed out):
Finally got around to sorting through all of my old clothes and cleaning up my closet. One trash bag of clothes into the bin and four to Goodwill. feelsgoodman
Peir Wu/Stephan Schneider/Zam Barrett/Guidi
Fairly typical of his blended fabric knits. Usually nothing too crazy in my experience, though. It'll lessen over time.
Seems pretty standard for Nordy and the like to have a decent selection for women and shit for men. I remember seeing Balenciaga and Phillip Lim at the Nordstrom here in Denver, men's section was just crap like Vince and the like.
Well speaking as someone who owns both, I personally like the Bee better. I mean, I love the Ijevan, but the Bee is even better. Thicker and more densely knit, drapes better, and has a better collar shape. I had figured the pockets would be useless at best and throw off the fit at worst, but in actuality they were very cleverly designed and are both useful and unobtrusive.
Same as yours, the blue-grey.
niiiice. i got one in the mail today, too, and it owns. might end up being the standout piece of the collection imo. also got the slumgum scarf, really dig it. huge and thick and the wine melange coloring is really nice.
Right on.
Kinda feel like that coat needs more underneath it given it's volume, but still looks nice.
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