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I hope someone from Mohawk is reading this thread and decides to tack on a $500 Whiny Asshole Tax.
hahahahahaha SF saleshark entitlement at its finest
Zam Barrett Z1 standards, painter's canvas. That specific pair was from this past season's sample sale.
well shit i'm 6'+
What's the story with Barena, since we're on the subject? Some of their casual blazers look kinda nice, quality on the up and up?
There's a Barena long cardi on Yoox in like four different colors for less than three bills.
Yeah, sometimes I wish I had it in the next size up (or also in the next size up), would be nice to have a bit more drape. I mean, I like how it fits as is but it's somewhat limited in what I can wear it with.
Guidi...986 iirc, reverse calf backzips.Haha thanks. Pants do get a little wonky in the calves (at least it feels that way to me) once I move around a bit, but I think that's just the fabric needing time to break in.
i'm too lazy to go back and confirm but i could swear the same shit happened last year"it's shit it's shit meh meh meh schneider has lost the plot"*south willy and latter SP shipments go online**thread collectively ejaculates*
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