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Also distracting: Isachenko shitposts.
Still one of my favorite pieces of outerwear that I own. Suck it reedo.
I highly doubt Blackbird will be carrying Geller ever again.
As much as I hate this thread (it's terrible enough that it almost turned me off the brand), I will say that the actual clothing itself is pretty nice. Nice materials, good cuts, well-made. Well worth the premium. And John is pretty helpful, too.
You will definitely look like a quilted sausage.
Love the texture on those trousers, Benesyed.
Zam Barrett/John Elliott/John Elliott/Guidi [[SPOILER]]
Ah right on, thanks.
Do the u-necks shrink very much? Picked up a few from Atrium, ordered all mediums but they accidentally sent me one small. Small fits better out of the box, but medium would probably fit better if they shrink a moderate amount.
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