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Yeah will start posting fits again in the near future I think. Been crazy busy the last six months with a new job in a new city and haven't had much time for SF or even fashion in general. edit: Had my eye on this Peir Wu jacket for a while, finally caved in today.
A few ZB things came in the mail today, couldn't be more pleased.
Stumbled upon a store in the UAE, The Style Chamber, that has a rather extensive selection (both men's and women's) from the current season.
I see people say this all the time about sunglasses, and it always boggles my mind. I had one pair of sunglasses stolen, but I've never broken a pair. Do a lot of people treat their sunglasses like shit, or something? What is this intrinsic property of sunglasses that dooms them to destruction?
don't shoot the messenger bro
?Just off the top of my head I know Wrong Weather, La Garçonne, South Willard, Other Shop, Neighbour, Opening Ceremony and Schwittenberg all have had stuff up for at least week or two.
Too warm for anything over 60, in my experience.
Pretty sure I saw someone in the Western Hemisphere carrying that coat in navy, maybe black too. Probably long gone now though. WW still has the ugly-as-sin beige version.e: vvv Yeah that sounds right.
Nah, haven't really taken pictures of any of my outfits since like late October or so, been sidetracked from SF due to various life changes. But anyways, yeah it's a bit boxy but not in a bad way imo.
I have that reversible quilted jacket as well. The sleeves are tight enough that you can forget about wearing it over anything other than thin underlayers unless you size up (and even then idk if you would gain much space), and as mentioned by others the shoulders and chest are a bit tight relative to the waist. But I still like it quite a bit and was wearing it fairly regularly up until I moved and had to put most of my clothes in storage for the time being. Contrary to...
New Posts  All Forums: