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It's 5'11" in Sweden, which sounds about right from my experience.I feel like a giant this weekend after layovers in Tokyo and Singapore.
at last, a semblance of spring makes an appearance S.E.H Kelly/Oliver Spencer/CastaƱer
definitely my cock ring
oi now i said spring, not summer. i just want some 75 degree days ffs
good 2 b back 2015 is going to be a baller year i wish spring would finally show it's face in colorado though
scrapped up the effort to take a pic for the first time in a (long, long) while Schneider/S.E.H Kelly x2/Heschung
we're full (kidding [not kidding])
flat caps are the devil
bah fuck me. hostem is precisely the store i kept trying to remember the entire time i was there. and looking at the map i walked right past it at least a dozen times.
ohhhhh yeah if shah meant lncc then i missed that on purpose
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