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is this what it's like to have a stranger kick your dog? (8) seriously tho kinda baffling, from what i could tell schneider was selling incredibly well for them. rarely saw much make it past 30% off, and even then pickings were often slim by the time that sale level hit.
ugh no please no
Nah they're from the current season, picked them up from Wrong Weather.
Yeah they were more of a practical choice for today given the non-stop rain. What is this Seattle or something??Thanks stitches, it really is a gorgeous color. Editing probably makes it look a little bit more intense than it does in reality, but it's still on point.
That looks really effin good brad.
Schneider x 3, Chippewa x J Crew
That's actually rather subdued compared to those print suits DvN put out last season.
Why aren't you wearing black socks already?
TTS. Also it's more of a dark beige than a gray. Interior lining is...oatmeal is the word that comes to mind.
wool paraffin owns so much. i can't even deal green coat is awesome too, really beautiful shade. definitely an overcoat, can't see myself wearing it with anything less than a thick knit (minimum) underneath. cotton trousers and green sweater i got from wrong weather are really nice too. the pants are quite possibly the softest cotton i've ever felt, almost like a wool flannel. sweater is thankfully not short, sits a couple inches below my hips. oh and for whoever asked...
New Posts  All Forums: