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Kevin Murphy products are legit as hell. Lush's styling cream is also pretty great ime, regardless of whether or not you care about ethical hair care products.
Yay on SF pre-orders coming in, boo on my Film coat not passing QC. altho on the bright side $800 of unexpected funds will palliate the anxiety of "too much good shit dropping, not enough money to kop it all"
specifically on the memory, they're sewn into the neck lining of the hood
did you lose the spares that came with the coat?
The idea of paying someone else to do menial household tasks feels uncomfortably bougie to me.
Maas & Stacks, Cruvoir, Opening Ceremony e: Project No 8 stopped carrying Schneider years ago
buncha goddamn abe simpsons itt right now
wish the fuckers would hurry and open up the Denver location already. initial reports were september but last i read they're only just now starting the interview process for staff
See now to me, this is one of those outfits that looks cool on the runway, but if I saw some rando walking down the street in it I'd be like "jesus what a fucking dweeb"
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