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My one true grail and I'll probably never find it. 😔
i mean i guess if you want to look like you DIYed your duvet into a jacket then sure go hog wild
lol bluefly. think that was where i got a pair of earnest sewns back when i was just getting into fashion and thought they were cool af
ah right on
They're available washed?? I bought mine from Okayama Denim, don't recall seeing any option to have them washed.
I wouldn't go quite so far as to say they're "soft" but for 18oz yeah they're extremely reasonable and require very minimal breaking in.
that's already 58% off just buy it you goddamn cheapskate
yeah that seems like more of an overshirt/jacket type of fabric
Ah yes, good catch, that is precisely correct.
maybe I'm weird but almost every pair of zamb pants I own (and I own a lot of them) are slim in the legs - except for DNAs
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