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Pre-orders should be opening up in the next couple weeks. Lookbook is usually like a month later iirc. e: come to think of it, we did get to see a lot of the lookbook shots last year during the pre-order period
This is about the best capture I could get, for some reason the pattern of the fabric makes it really hard to get exposure levels right. IRL there's none of the whitish contrast you'll see below.Can't say I blame him... Really love the weight of the fabric.
Of course this shows up during this discussion, lol. Also it's not really surprising that so many people have a really terrible grasp of how to handle debt. The first lesson most of us in America is "go ahead, take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans to go to college, it'll totally be fine."
Trying to define "real money" is opening a huge can of worms. There are a ton of factors that go into what any given person's perception of the term is going to mean.
My first pair of Zam pants were heavy linen minimalist DNA pants! Way back in 2012 I think. Still love those things to death. But the heavy linen minimalist slim pants this season are on a whole new level. Really doesn't surprise me that they were in such high demand as to warrant a couple of restocks, they might very well be the best pair of pants Zam has ever produced. And I say that as someone who has amassed a collection of Zam pants/jeans/shorts numbering in the..., not really.But the opposite applies. There was a brief period of six months to a year or something like that where I just really didn't have the disposable income to indulge the habit and it really killed my interest in the forums.
your parents have a post office at their house? neat
My one true grail and I'll probably never find it. 😔
i mean i guess if you want to look like you DIYed your duvet into a jacket then sure go hog wild
lol bluefly. think that was where i got a pair of earnest sewns back when i was just getting into fashion and thought they were cool af
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