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I would absolutely try my goddamn hardest to get out of jury duty. That shit pays $50/day here in Colorado, that's not even two hours of work for me.
bad wife imo
Yeah normally I'm all about letting lighter colored footwear get dirty but for some reason I feel like those would look better if they were kept clean.that said...i still kind of want them...and hotoveli has them for a mere $860...
yeah i went tts with the richard coat and it fits great, so assuming the jacket fits the same i would recommend staying tts
so buy one?
oh you lived way down there? no wonder you couldn't wait to move. on a completely different subject: 99% of the time usps gives me way better service than ups and fedex, but when they fuck up maaaaaan do they fuck up hard. been waiting on an s.e.h kelly jacket that took three days to get from the Los Angeles ISC to the Los Angeles sorting facility, four days to get from there to the Denver sorting facility, and so far two days and counting from there to the post office.
none of the Snooze locations I know of (I think there are three of them?) are next to a Whole Foods. I'd never heard of Armitage & McMillan before but yeah it appears they're still in business. and I have to side with Synthese on Evergreen, it's a boring little town for people who want to live in the mountains but still need to be close to the city for whatever reason. there's very little of value there for someone looking to ~experience~ the mountains.
[[SPOILER]] I can second @Synthese's recs on the botanic gardens and the art museum. He's also pretty spot-on for relatively short trips up into the mountains. It's a shame that Aspen is so far away, because the scenic route there is a fun drive and has some jaw-dropping views, and the nearby Maroon Bells are arguably the most scenic spot in the entire state. There's also a shop up in Aspen, Pitkin County Dry Goods, that carries Common Projects, John Elliott and (starting...
agreedo. just got back a few days ago from a five week work trip to maui, wore my tropical wool EG balloon pants a fuckton.
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