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yeah i spent last winter in the upper reaches of the subarctic and heattech extra warm was a godsend
i definitely remember seeing mesh airism in the past. and heattech extra warm has been available in the US since at least last winter.
nah it's definitely from a past season, based on the slant pockets. but definitely kka
yeahhhh that's definitely got a "teenager trying on dad's clothes" vibe
fucking lol if you think wearing sweatpants every day doesn't make you look like a lazy slob, especially if you're pushing 30
Seein all the chambray stuff on the US site so must just be a slower or limited rollout in France.
This is correct.
They definitely carry more in store than they list on their website. The one time I stopped in they had some ring coats that I don't recall ever seeing on their website.Cotton Sheep in Hayes Valley carries Kapital as well.
Noticed an email from South Willard in my inbox today and it made me sad because they had such killer buys.
just so long as you fuckers don't try to get me to set foot in Boulder
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