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Need to see the toe box on those to be sure but they look fully on point.
Happiness Forgets and The White Lyan are both really great bars, if Shoreditch isn't too far out of your way. S.E.H Kelly's workshop is over in that area too, pretty nice place to drop into even if you're not really looking to shop.e: I'm told that the bistro that just opened up above Happiness Forgets, Petit Pois, is quite good
Going one size up has served me well on the derbies and 986s I bought recently.
Yes please.
Bingo. S.E.H Kelly makes incredibly well-crafted clothing with high quality materials, but it's crucial to note that most of their outerwear is geared towards a temperate climate.
Yeah I'll see if I can't snap a fit with the Pierre shirt this weekend, assuming I get one or both days off.
What size do you need? Frans Boone has every size from 40-46 (except 44) available for €328.93 + €22.50 shipping (so roughly $400). [[SPOILER]] e: Just a general FYI, always buy CPs from European retailers if you can help it. Their prices are almost always significantly lower than American/Canadian retailers.
I think it's a bit of a straw man to say that people are getting hounded for asking about sales, per se. People ask about sales all the time itt without getting harangued. What draws most of the ire are (a) the crazy coupon lady equivalents of the men's fashion world who very clearly care very little about men's fashion in and of itself as a thing to be enjoyed and appreciated, but rather are just chasing the sale for sport; and (b) the assholes that expect a Per Se dinner...
If there was ever such a thing as a singular StyleForum aesthetic, it faded into the past a long, long time ago.
lane splitting in the Bay Area seems like a terrifying prospect
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