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Waiting for @sipang to put us all to shame.
Portland has a pretty mild climate by almost any reasonable measure. No, I don't think it's an oceanic paradise, but it's definitely temperate in comparison to a large majority of the States. I mean the all time record low for the place is -3F and below freezing temps are limited to a handful of days out of the year.8 jackets/coats, 3 scarves, 1 pair of trousers, 3 shirts and 6 knits. With 2 more jackets and 2 more knits arriving soon.
Don't you live in Portland reedo? I thought it was spring-like there pretty much the entire year. I still prefer A/W-wear over S/S-wear, but I get more use out of the latter than the former these days. Way more dry, temperate days here than anything else. And I for one am quite grateful for Schneider's (typically) slim sleeves, works perfectly for my body type.
Whoa lookbook did not do justice to that, fabric looks very nice.
There's a pretty decent chance I'll pick it up at some point, though probably not for at least a month or two.
I quite like the S/S collection. Have a few pre-order items coming soon from Suspension Point and I like what I've seen elsewhere as well. NMWA selection looks really good so far.
just caught up on 40+ pages of fits and all i got to say is damn people killin it Ploier/Silent/ZamB/AnnD
S/S '12 I believe.
bah BAH hell of a lot of good stuff in the pre-order but i don't really have the cash to drop on it. :[
Was just starting to finally feel sorta kinda okay after being abruptly and mysteriously dumped last Monday, and then stupid me opened up Facebook tonight and bam right at the top of the page: she's in a relationship - with her roommate. Feeling really dumb for not deleting her right away.
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