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Nah, see below. Code was only required when the orders were placed back in February, which is where I made my mistake.
lol i already got two of the lookbooks from SP and NMWA also i just discovered i'm a goddamn moron and neglected to use the 20% discount code on my SF pre-order
bought it literally ten minutes agoe: oh nm, thought you meant the peacoat
FWIW Fok I'm not upset at all, shit happens. And even if I were, certainly wouldn't be your fault. Think I might be cursed w/r/t pre-orders/MTOs this year, though. Epaulet/SF/Massdrop trainer clusterfuck, Epaulet museum calf boots, Standard & Strange Wesco boots, and now this.
it was in the note on my paypal invoice. if you haven't gotten an invoice yet presumably you will be very soon. altho if that's the only thing you ordered then idk what the process is
some are, some aren't
beats me, fok didn't elaborate (and maybe he doesn't know) beyond the fact that a number of Film coats (including his and mine) didn't pass QC. i assume the number of coats that didn't pass QC is high enough that remaking all of them is highly impractical
Kevin Murphy products are legit as hell. Lush's styling cream is also pretty great ime, regardless of whether or not you care about ethical hair care products.
Yay on SF pre-orders coming in, boo on my Film coat not passing QC. altho on the bright side $800 of unexpected funds will palliate the anxiety of "too much good shit dropping, not enough money to kop it all"
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