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A Kind of Guise would be a cool addition. And not that there's a shortage of places to buy them from, but I think Lemaire and Attachment could also fit in well. If S.E.H Kelly ever decides to expand and have a North American retailer I think they would be firmly in the NMWA wheelhouse.
i haven't had a chance to check out the ultra warm heattech but i bought a bunch of the extra warm a couple years ago and it served me pretty well during a winter up on the edge of the arctic circle
Err, weird, if anything I would say the instep on these is pretty roomy. Only part of the shoe I could see as being tight for some people is the toebox.
Yeah I just took my normal CP size and they fit just fine. As I mentioned long ago when I bought the charcoal ones, I wish the ankle opening wasn't so big, but it's not a deal breaker. Still pretty great boots to wear with pants that aren't aggressively tapered. Actually ended up picking up another pair in sand when KNYEW dropped their prices to absurdly low levels.
also that pic makes it look like either you're wearing a size too small and/or the layer underneath is too thick which is just going to aggravate the fabric bunching
A couple of my Thinner jackets had that too and it went away just fine with ironing.
Oh shit that reminds me, I also bought a FL shirt from zissou. Also bought a couple FL shirts from NMWA back in November. CCP not in my wheelhouse though.
68, rainy and hella foggy here in SeattleMakawao
Yeah I had a bunch of HSA money to blow so I finally got around to buying new glasses for the first time in like 7 years, picked up a pair of Barton Perreira and a pair of DITA and they're both really great.
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