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not even close
somehow i never heard about unionmade fuckery on websales, but it doesn't surprise me after visiting their b&m a couple of times. on a semi-related note, i'm kind of baffled how they manage to stay in business despite keeping all of their stock at full price until well after virtually every other store has already gone through multiple rounds of discounts.
definitely hit up some hawker centers, if nothing else.geylang is an, uhh, interesting area
Nothing particularly mind-blowing about them, they're just cut well and made with above average materials. Notwithstanding the fact that I think they're a little bit overpriced, they're pretty much the only tees I wear anymore.
Usually there are two or three deliveries, from mid August until late September/early October. Knits and shirts typically arrive first and heavier outerwear last.
I guess it's kind of an interesting subject on a superficial level, but as long as it doesn't move the needle on the labels I care about then Vetements et. al. are welcome do whatever fuckery they want and I'll just sit over here in my corner and continue to mostly ignore them.
holy moly those are beautiful
I like a decent amount of Epaulet's footwear but yeah the Chelseas just don't look right to me. Mainly the toe shape that bothers me.
Suede CastaƱers maybe?
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