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Watch aficionados are the menswear equivalent of foot fetishists.
At the risk of sounding like a philistine when it comes to the finer points of boot construction, I'm continually confounded by the obsession itt with stitch down welts.
jesus wept, just stop already
yeah agreed, i have a pair of the center seam ones i picked up from the SF sample sale whenever that was, and they just don't work underneath 6.5 in. hems really need to get those fuckers re-soled, haven't worn them in months because both soles have come partially unglued
i may have actually overestimated, i wore them with some 7 in. leg opening jeans tonight and they looked fine
outside circumference of the ankle opening on my pair of 42s is about 12.5 in. buuuuuuuut it's a very oblong opening and the widest part of it is about 5 in. which means the effective circumference is more like 16 in. so long story short, lower limit is about 20 cm
on a separate note, i wish RGxCP boots would stop having such gigantic fucking ankle openings, really limits what pants you can wear with them
nah i really dig it too, arguably more than charcoal
i didn't rate the grosgrain derbies at all when the season first started but goddammit every time i see them they grow on me a little bit more
seems to me like you're essentially renting clothes and burning a lot of cash doing it
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