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Shipping is included within continental US, elsewhere will have to be adjusted up accordingly. Measurements are available upon request.
I've worked with an electrician a couple of times who lost his ring finger because he jumped down off of a piece of equipment and his ring caught on a corner or something, popped the whole finger right off.
Dunno when it happened but Forward has a handful of items available. Don't think I've ever seen hats from Schneider before.
speak for yourself pal
Umm, I hope you got permission to share that...
My apartment's floors are polished concrete everywhere except the bedroom and it owns.
Isn't sizing up, if you're in between sizes, kind of implicit in "tts"?
Waiting for @sipang to put us all to shame.
Portland has a pretty mild climate by almost any reasonable measure. No, I don't think it's an oceanic paradise, but it's definitely temperate in comparison to a large majority of the States. I mean the all time record low for the place is -3F and below freezing temps are limited to a handful of days out of the year.8 jackets/coats, 3 scarves, 1 pair of trousers, 3 shirts and 6 knits. With 2 more jackets and 2 more knits arriving soon.
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