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took a hot minute to find but: https://ninelivesbrand.com/collections/nine-lives
goddamn that is beautiful
ssense has a handful of new pieces up as well, although unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) they went super safe for the most part. still a couple of decent pieces
goddammit, even though i preordered a fuckload of stuff, y'all motherfuckers are already making me want more just with the first delivery thinner jackets are fantastic, i was pleasantly surprised by how substantial the materials are is this the first time stephan has made hats? i don't remember ever seeing any before
it amuses/baffles me to no end how weird people get about feet
espadrilles are highly unideal for the beach
god yes, the humidity in singapore is so ridiculous. blew me away when i stepped out of changi at 2 in the morning and it felt like stepping into a sauna
Zam Barrett is 50-70% off right now, plus an additional 10% off with code ADD10 through the weekend. Don't sleep on the vintage British cotton jeans, seriously great material and this season is the last we'll see of it.
Redundant at this point, but yeah I wear the same size in Achilles lows and the Bobby G bballs and the latter are a tad roomier, so you should be good to go.
Anybody looking for the blue-black Richard jacket in a 50 or 52, Frances May got that shit for less than two bills.
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