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Kind of looks like if the Algae and Film coats had a love child and it turned out one of them had a recessive gene for decorative double-breasted buttons.
Seems pretty clear from the hashtags that it's called "In Time." Kinda surprised we haven't seen more previews. I'm getting really thirsty here. Waffle knit looks cool but I'd like it better without the windowpaning.
I only have a handful of Forme pieces but yeah it's great stuff. I've been wearing my yak wool Bishop knit quite a bit lately. I'd have a hard decision to make if that coat was a 48, it looks fantastic.
No, they're definitely jeans through and through. And they very much fit true to size (truly, an anomaly in the world of jeans). I highly recommend them, they're comfy and high quality. Medium rise, straight leg.
that's why you put your socks on first, fam but also yes the hem width is incredibly narrow, i have to sit down to take them off because it takes no small amount of effort to get them past my instep
Ah cool, thanks Greg.
speaking of Eidos FJs, what's the ETA on the MTO?
Been a minute since I've worn mine but as I recall the only reason to consider sizing up on them would be if you have large thighs. Definitely really nice pants.
Very soon. Some stores have already received their first shipment.
I'm not connected with any buyers so I can't say with certainty, but the showroom should be open late this week (may already have opened up today, for all I know) or early next week if history is anything to go by. Would expect to see photos and pre-order opportunities start popping up late next week.
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