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lol I've been bumpin The Infamous quite a bit lately
that sure is a lot of pomp and circumstance for sub-$500 sneakers
Depends on how much it would add to your premium, but yeah I could see it maybe being worthwhile for multi-thousand dollar items. But for a whole wardrobe, nah. Way too much paperwork and (at least personally) on the vanishingly small side of the cost-benefit ratio.
cotton you say? i uhh cracked and bought them btw, supposed to be delivered tomorrow (if UPS doesn't fuck up any further than they already have on this package)
I, too, wear the same size in CP and Buttero.
dunno about anyone else but definitely not me, i haven't taken a fit pic in quite a while.
yeah that's about the sum of it. you can get away with tts on the pants if you have slim legs.
Weird, every time I've been down to that area of SF, the stretch of Market near M&S is about the only place I've been able to find a parking spot.
Eh, doesn't surprise me it made it to that deep of a discount. I really can't force myself to like that colorway even at $212.
this is how i look when people start talking about the finer points of tie knots
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