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De Bonne Facture does make henleys though?
eh they really don't feel that extreme tbh
Japan Blue JB0626. Just got a pair myself recently, they're a bitch and a half to button up at first but look good and the high tapered cut is really nice.
Kop hard, kop early.
Yeah I have Richard coat, jacket and pants from S/S '16, A/W '16 fit is pretty much the same but the fabric is thicker and softer. Which makes sense, S/S fabric was 47% polyester/40% cotton/7% acrylic/6% rayon bouclé and A/W fabric is 62% cotton/22% angora/16% polyester reverse French terry.
Yeah I just got the charcoal one from Acrimony, super happy with it.
Bad idea.
i don't think i could handle that kinda bullshit with grace
cold blooded man
Nope, 65% rayon, 35% wool. Source: the tag on the pair literally five feet away from me.
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