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Going minimalist with your wardrobe is fine if it works for you, but treating it as a virtue everyone should aspire to is just asinine.
fyi the geller x CPs have a wide ankle opening so they're actually really well-suited for straight leg jeans
Suspension Point sale is too legit, couldn't help myself. Attachment Forme Lemaire
Madness lies that way.
Pretty sure that's a Farfetch fuckup, that model is wearing a V (M).
Err, how so? Their sizing is pretty standard and consistent.
A Kind of Guise would be a cool addition. And not that there's a shortage of places to buy them from, but I think Lemaire and Attachment could also fit in well. If S.E.H Kelly ever decides to expand and have a North American retailer I think they would be firmly in the NMWA wheelhouse.
i haven't had a chance to check out the ultra warm heattech but i bought a bunch of the extra warm a couple years ago and it served me pretty well during a winter up on the edge of the arctic circle
Err, weird, if anything I would say the instep on these is pretty roomy. Only part of the shoe I could see as being tight for some people is the toebox.
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