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wow, that fabric looks incredible
Man, Bobby G always has a great sense for palettes. Colors are so damn good here. Really love that bordeaux bomber in particular.
on the other hand, who gives a shit
oh right that might not be a thing in this corner of the internet. "shit that didn't happen"
99% probability the sister being sick plea is stdh.txt
Kind of looks like if the Algae and Film coats had a love child and it turned out one of them had a recessive gene for decorative double-breasted buttons.
Seems pretty clear from the hashtags that it's called "In Time." Kinda surprised we haven't seen more previews. I'm getting really thirsty here. Waffle knit looks cool but I'd like it better without the windowpaning.
I only have a handful of Forme pieces but yeah it's great stuff. I've been wearing my yak wool Bishop knit quite a bit lately. I'd have a hard decision to make if that coat was a 48, it looks fantastic.
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