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I like a decent amount of Epaulet's footwear but yeah the Chelseas just don't look right to me. Mainly the toe shape that bothers me.
Suede CastaƱers maybe?
Slim enough that you don't really want to put anything in the front pockets.
Welcome to the polar fleece club.
Yeah suppose I should've qualified my statement with it depending on what part of the Bay Area you're in, since the climate does actually vary quite a bit from one part to another.
Uh, you should be able to wear a leather jacket pretty much year-round in the bay area.
yasssss tayyab's owns
i mean yeah if all you do is stand perfectly still it will look fine
Yeah you really can't wear the Pierre shirt without looking like a douche unless you're wearing another shirt underneath or are at the beach/on a boat.
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