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Seven days from receipt is the standard return policy (this would've been in your order confirmation email, fyi). Shame it didn't work out for you, received mine today and the fit (along with everything else about the coat) is fantastic.
lol i'm fucking dying over this post
Nah I'm normally a 38 and picked up the 40, but thanks!Sizing up may very well work out in the end for me, the 43 cm shoulders on the 38 would probably be cutting it pretty slim for my build.
Ah well fiddlesticks. Guess we'll see how sizing up works out, my normal size sold out in the interim.
I suspect the recommendation to size up is well-founded (and I sure hope so, since I heeded said advice). Just going by measurements would make it seem like TTS is the way to go, but that doesn't take into account the thickness of the leather.
No joke I turned down a job offer in Maui in no small part because the idea of no longer needing outerwear or even knits would probably drive me deep into an existential crisis.
Would it be gauche to ask about pricing on the James Grose leathers? Been sitting on several items in my cart until those drop, kinda curious how much I'll need to cull.
holy moly drop this shit post-haste please
i mean, afaik no one i know personally is a foot fetishist, but some of them probably are in the closet about it. virtually every woman i know has scads of stories about foot fetishists they were hit on by or went on a date with (key word being "a").yeah that's fair enough. you would think as an engineer i could "get" it due to that, but i still don't.yeah don't me wrong, in general i'm not one to kink-shame and in particular foot fetishism is pretty tame, but i've never...
i don't even strictly mean it as an insult, just they're both things that i can't wrap my head around at all, despite how common they are. the one difference is that i don't really hold watch aficionados in contempt (and why would i?), whereas i abhor foot fetishists. those dudes almost universally have zero sense of tact or personal boundaries.
New Posts  All Forums: