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TATIANA is kind of unpredictable. Also I suspect they might be a little busy pushing out the new season.
UU jeans with the zip pocket were awesome. I wish I'd bought more than one pair.
kinda curious how you came to that conclusion, both the lookbook and showroom pictures very clearly demonstrated it to be unstructured
are you high or something man, you're making some dumb posts
this season, obv
Dunno, didn't buy that one. Still, doubt it would be "delicate."
Let's just say it belies the name.
To be fair, IIRC very few stores carried it. None in the Western Hemisphere that I can recall.
Nah it was AW 13/14, same season as Wick. Can't remember what the full name was, but the pre-order code was CLI. It's unlined and I think a little bit longer than the Wick. More of an overcoat.
Probably not, actually. Shirting usually runs a little bit smaller than knits/outerwear for whatever reason. I virtually always take shirts in V and knits/outerwear in IV.I have it in IV but you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
New Posts  All Forums: