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you and me both. i had it in my cart but was like "ehhhh do i really need this?" and then like two hours later when i decided to pull the trigger it was gone. at least i have my charcoal one to console me.
Well considering they're the only retailer (Western Hemisphere anyways, haven't looked at Japan) to put up S/S '17 so far, kind of hard to say.
Ended up just going with the Date turtleneck and Realist coat in textured green. Would kind of like to add the Present and Prompt as well but I went HAM this past season so I'm trying to dial back the kopping a little bit.
You want a VI
I think it's bonkers that there's almost a FSR left of the Eidos Ulster.
Err, menswear PFW is long over. Doubt very many people here have a keen interest in women's PFW.
Pre-revolution fashion in Iran was pretty westernized.
honestly man, sometimes you're incredibly dense bry2000
Realist coat is so dope omg
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