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Nah, just visiting for a few days.
Stopped by Maas & Stacks today, they have a few items in shop that aren't up on the website yet. Couple pairs of wool pants, the grey melange Richard jacket, and the belted bomber and coat (both in black). Both M&S and Acrimony are still getting at least one more delivery.
TATIANA is kind of unpredictable. Also I suspect they might be a little busy pushing out the new season.
UU jeans with the zip pocket were awesome. I wish I'd bought more than one pair.
kinda curious how you came to that conclusion, both the lookbook and showroom pictures very clearly demonstrated it to be unstructured
are you high or something man, you're making some dumb posts
this season, obv
Dunno, didn't buy that one. Still, doubt it would be "delicate."
Let's just say it belies the name.
To be fair, IIRC very few stores carried it. None in the Western Hemisphere that I can recall.
New Posts  All Forums: