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@brad-t can explain it better but as i recall it's something along the lines of japanese goods being exported at japanese retail price
You say that now...
Standard & Strange definitely has some Kapital on their webshop, but yeah not everything that's in the store. I actually randomly ended up at the shop the weekend before last while on a trip to the Bay Area, I was really impressed. I was mainly there because I was looking for a Rogue Territory stockist, but I did take a look at their Kapital stock and the ring coat is super nice. If I'd had more money to blow I definitely would've kopped.
Since when? I have a 32" waist and both pairs of Geller pants I have are size 46.
Haha goddammit, I was just in San Fran last Monday and dropped by The Archive and bought a KKA jacket for full retail + sales tax. Kinda would've been nice if they'd told me it was gonna go on sale in a few days, but I can't blame or hate on them for not doing so.
Yeah that's correct. There was one size IV that got passed around on B&S a few times a couple years ago. Never had the money at the right time.
Maybe some day I'll do a purge and you'll get lucky. I have so goddamn much outerwear now that I can't even reasonably fit it all into my coat closet.
One of my greatest regrets in life is not buying it when I had the chance (on multiple occasions). Guessing it's a lost dream at this point.
If only I could find a size IV alpaca in moss I would happily part ways with my plain coat.
Hotel rates keep going up yet their internet services keep getting worse and worse. It's embarrassing how many cellular network hotspots I see on the wifi list every time I stay in a hotel.
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