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i took same size as i do in every other cp shoe i own and they fit right on the money.
Bingo. NMWA and Suspension Point, for example, have both introduced me to a vast slew of labels I never would've known about otherwise.
I prefer julienne. Seriously though sometimes you need the middleman. Producers are rarely good sellers.
This is just patently untrue. Come on over to Denver and see how much luck you have getting cabs in a timely and easy manner. Hailing? Maybe if you're downtown (and even then most of them will ignore you), tough titties anywhere else in the city. Calling their dispatch line? OK well first you need to look up what companies are available in the area, pick one and call their number, hope dispatch actually answers, and then it's anyone's guess when the cab will actually...
Oh, well, I dunno. Never seen anything like that. But it's also been quite a while since I've used either service. Last time I used Lyft on a surge pricing night it said right in the app what the multiplier was.
Yeah you're gonna have to be more specific vis-à-vis Uber/Lyft because I have no idea what you're talking about.
Uhh, dark patterns?
Cost has almost nothing to do with it for me. It's about convenience and UX. Uber and Lyft both have apps that make the entire process quick, simple and efficient, and with a streamlined payment system to boot. And I can use them in just about any decently-sized city.
It's getting harder for me to have sympathy for cab companies, they've had years to adapt to the market.
This has not been my experience with cab drivers in Denver. In fact, I've had a couple of cabbies use navigation to get me to the goddamn airport.I'm not happy with how Uber & Lyft treat their drivers but cabs in Denver are borderline useless (which is the very reason Uber & Lyft are successful).
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