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Memory coat is insulated, so it's fairly warm. I mean I wouldn't wear it in the sub-Arctic without another layer underneath but anywhere else it'll be fine.And there aren't different versions of items (aside from fabric/color, obviously), so whatever coat you're referring to isn't a Memory coat.
still super bummed I got the short end of the stick on the QC cuts for the blue-grey version desperately holding out hope that suspension point will have the basketweave version on offer
agreed. part of it i think is that in a general sense this has been an amazing season for menswear, but nmwa in particular made some incredible buys.
Yeah never had a Merino so I can't speak to that. Memory coat definitely gets a little bulky with a knit underneath, but not quite awkwardly so. Haven't worn the Conservation with anything more than a t-shirt underneath it yet, but it definitely leaves a little more room for layers underneath than the Memory.
Err, I do when it's cold out.
Seven days from receipt is the standard return policy (this would've been in your order confirmation email, fyi). Shame it didn't work out for you, received mine today and the fit (along with everything else about the coat) is fantastic.
lol i'm fucking dying over this post
Nah I'm normally a 38 and picked up the 40, but thanks!Sizing up may very well work out in the end for me, the 43 cm shoulders on the 38 would probably be cutting it pretty slim for my build.
Ah well fiddlesticks. Guess we'll see how sizing up works out, my normal size sold out in the interim.
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