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I'm trying to decide between the plain navy Havana jackets in Reda or VBC fabric's for an all-around versatile jacket. The Reda is classified for Fall/Winter and the VBC S/S. Does anyone own either one of these jacket's and can share actual photos of it with a short review? Plain Navy Havana in Reda: Plain Navy Havana in VBC:
Could you take some pics of the suit and post it please? I've been looking for a light grey suit but I'm not sure on the color of the Sienna. I like the color on this suit,en_US,pd.html?start=4&cgid=Suits but I much prefer the styling on the Sienna.
Very nice!I ordered the Washington Blue Plain Wool/Cashmere jacket. It should be here on Monday.
I'm going to buy sumowax and give it a try too. I've been using Fiber and I'm not really a fan on how it holds, plus it doesn't hold up throughout the day...
Everyone should have a RLBL leather blazer
Does Theory not make their suits and sportcoats in other lengths besides Regular? I've never seen them offering different lengths...
anyone have a moto or bomber in navy lambskin?
I like Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men
I've also been looking for some non-see-through slim fit white shirts. I'm not really a fan of oxford cloth tho... Are there any other options?
I received my SlimGuy's black selvedge couple days ago from Tobi. The fit is a bit baggier than my other SlimGuy's black with gold selvedge, so I'm going to return or exchange them for diff a pair...
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