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Hi all, I bought this pair from the store, never wore them, and now I can't return them. Tags are attached. Size 31 Austyn Straight Leg. I paid around $130 with tax, but I will let it go for $110 shipped. Here is a picture below. Please let me know if you would like to see any additional pictures.
twon12 is the man, hooked me up with a sweet tie at a good price, good condition, good communication, good man!
wow. thanks!!
I lost one of my Sperrys sz10.5 brown topsiders. Any idea of a website or something that sells single shoes? Very odd request, I know... Thanks.
well what am i supposed to do? i want them to get rid of the crease. should i take it back before they press it again? so pressing raw denim is really that bad? are these jeans basically ruined? clearly im freaking out a little. would it be best to just sell these jeans as damaged goods on ebay (explaining what happened of course) and buy another pair?
my bad. it was supposed to be "raw denim question," whoops. ill keep that in mind for next time. thanks for your help but this sucks.
so, i took my pair of New Standards to the local oriental dry cleaners to get it hemmed. bad move i know. i made sure to say "DONT WASH IT" like 5 times... but i did not even think that they would iron/press the thing luckily it only had about 10-15 days of moderate use... but it sucks to see my work all gone. and guess what... they PLEATED IT in the front, as if it were a pair of dress pants. what kind of moron puts front pleats on jeans?! unbelievable. so now i had...
pm sent!
also, if you havent caught on, people in this thread are making fun of you because true religions suck. i highly suggest getting a pair of Nudie Regular Ralfs or APC New Standards for a first pair of raw denim jeans. i got Nudie RRDG over summer after being enlightened by this forum, and i cant even wear my Sevens anymore. been wearing em over 6 months and dont even want to wash em, im seriously in love. excited to pick up a pair of APC New Standards very soon
lol you guys are so mean. to the OP, i suggest keeping an eye out in the "FS: Streetwear" section of these forums. i think if you up your budget to about 150 you could find a nice pair of chelsea boots. 100-150 is a decent budget for boots, keep an eye out for good deals and you should be able to cop a nice pair. i dont know much about boots or what brands to look into. personally i have a pair of timberlands from freshman year of college that i still wear (they are...
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