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I was tossing around the idea of putting together some high-quality (don't we all?) waterproof breathable shells that operate somewhere in between your traditional performance purveyors (like your Arc'teryxs/The North Face/Patagonia/Mammut etc) and of course your more fashion driven lines (Acronym, White Mountaineering, visvim etc). There doesn't seem to be a lot of options out there for people who simply want something with considered functionality that don't go hiking... you were coming from Fort Saskatchewan haha? Are they done that thing yet???
At my usual gym in Hong Kong, I re-rack when benching cause the treees are nearby. On the power rack, I re-rack anything 35 and smaller, 45lbs I just put beside the rack cause there aren't any other barbell stations nearby. Re-racking is not big here at all haha. But when I work out back home in Canada, re-rack everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by parc Fish oil Multi-vitamin Colon Cleanser - I was originally going to take fiber supplements but my local pharmacy only had these so I decided to try it since my diet is lacking enough fiber. I know many doctors who recommend not taking these but the one I got is made (their claim) of only various fruits and veggies. Many people have varied experiences with it and mine has been positive. The recommended dosage is 4-6 a day but...
I'd move back to Edmonton from Hong Kong if I could do the same gig I'm doing now.
I thought they were grossly over priced as well until as some mentioned, the difficulty in making them. Also, the ingredients are relatively more expensive with almonds and eggs vs. predominately flour. Prices are justifiable in my opinion.
Buy a pair of Desert Boots and get somebody to put a Vibram Christy sole on them.
clean & jerk.
Also try getting a shoulder massage or myofascial release around your traps. We all sit more than we should and it has a direct effect on your hammies. Even a simple test of using your fingers to dig in will create a more flexible stretch when touching your toes.
Watch this video explaining the ITB's function and role and things you shouldn't do when trying to alleviate its pain (no stretching/ice). Also steps to rectifying the problem. http://conditioningresearch.blogspot...nected-to.html
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