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Quote: Originally Posted by mattt Yeah both my black ns and indigo ps have swivel buttons, they're kinda annoying and I don't understand their purpose. This is just my theory but when the jeans are really tight and haven't stretched out yet, the swivel button makes it so that there is less stretch on the waistband because the button turns to accommodate the pull. That's the only reason why I could think that they would put it there....
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Odd, is it just me or do the 514's look the loosest of the 3. They did look a bit loose to me.
I have some Happy Socks and I love them, but I hate how you have to air dry them because once you dry them, they're ruined. I think they also run small, although the larger size fits me perfectly and I'm a shoe size 41 (I've lost track of my US size). I live right next to a Barneys outlet store so I know it's not plausible for everyone to go to one, but they always have Barneys branded socks in multicolor designs, and occasionally, they go on sale. I've gotten them 3...
No, but it seems like girls love British accents in general.
H&M tees fit well, but the seams tend to get warped on the DIVIDED tees, so be careful. Calvin Klein Underwear tees are very slim, fairly long, and a little thicker than H&M's tees, so you may be interested in those. I got a 3 pack at Nordstrom Rack for $15 last year. I think they're a dollar or two more now, but still a decent price.
I'll cut off the bottoms of my shirts and let you have them... They tend to bunch around my middle and make me look fat.
I die for Balenciaga, but after their very strong Fall 2010 collection, I'm not so into this one yet. But I would wear the whole second row in an instant.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDroog Good point, I gotcha. I Look at Gap. Everyone said their sizing sucked and it took them 6+ years to fix that. They're still fixing it. I used to wear small Gap shirts but about a year ago, I gave up because they became even baggier on me. And I'm pretty sure I didn't get skinnier. I'm pretty much forced to buy H&M shirts now, unless I am willing to hunt down good bargains.
The trunks at H&M are not low rise, I don't think, but they'll stay below your jeans if that's your concern. Compared to Calvin Klein, though, I must say that CK's are well worth the price, and at the outlets, they're always at least 25% off. I know you're not into the logo thing but I'll have to second Calvin Klein 365. The fit is great and the logoing is there, but fairly discrete. They're a perfect fit, they have breathing room but they're not loose. I got a clearanced...
It's funny how it's fine when womenswear designers step out of the box but once a menswear designer does it, it's gaudy and gay. Tom Ford isn't stupid, he knows nobody is going to buy that stuff, which is why he has a whole selection of wearable clothing to choose from (for example, he knows that not everybody likes their lapels as wide as his, so he makes a narrower one for his customers). Having been to his Las Vegas boutique last December, I can say that the whole place...
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