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Wings and Horns has a few items on pre-sale for 20% off: Also, FWIW, there's a bunch of W+H and Reigning Champ stuff marked down at East Dane, which stacks with their current coupon. I was able to snag a lightweight sweatshirt and a tiger fleece sweat for cheap
Thirded. They may look a bit better with some wear, but I'll probably just use them as beach pants. Or I could try dyeing them in Rit
As a basis for comparison: I recently had to donate a bunch of Brooks Brothers ESF size 14.5 oxfords because I put on weight (muscle, I swear) and they were skin-tight in the chest and stomach, while my size S Band of Outsiders shirts still fit, albeit a bit snugly in the chest. YMMV, of course.
Extra slim fits are absolutely not billowy, especially the dress shirts. They're currently 40% off for orders of 4+. Pants: Uniqlo and Brooks Brothers Milano fit.
Nah, I went for the regular Supima shirts
For some reason, dress shirt sale prices don't show up if you're logged into a corporate membership account. Anyway, I snagged 4 extra slim fit shirts - 3 button-down collar, one spread. Maybe I'm lucky, but they fit extremely well and $49 is a great price.
I can take one when it gets here on Thursday. I ended up getting pink - could be a good beater version of my Schneider shirts.
Long-sleeve broadcloth shirts are $19.99 this week. Ordered a couple - think this one is my favorite.
It was 45 when I went to work this morning and the forecast high was 68, so I thought I could get away with wearing Heattech under a thin sweater and some jeans. 83 when I left the office
double post
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