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I have 6 or 7 AE belts, they are okay, but I find the dye comes off the light brown ones and the look worn very fast.
I am heading to to Boston for three days I am there for work so I just have one afternoon free, but every evening- I haven't been to Boston in 6 years, but I recall a good time and good meal were not hard to find. All the same I would love some suggestions on what to check out. Oh ya, and as I a coming from the west coast I figured I would fly back from JFK and get a weekend in NYC. I have been to NYC in 20 years - so any suggestions on what to check out would be great. I...
Very lightly used Brown Suede Mora. Size 10.5D US, fits true to size. trees not incl. Offered for quick sale at SOLD shipped from USA to USA or From Canada to Canada (I live on the border).
Tony, I got my shoes today. They are great - thanks for the wonderful deal!
Quote: Originally Posted by ashpool Hey thanks for the reply. Could you send me the link? I'm quite new here and I'm not sure what BS Forum means (buy and sell?) Thanks, Sure thing: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=157831
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness It's not a question of superlativeness. The guy is a clothing salesman; depending on where he works, he cannot be caught in a suit and Eccos and expect to be taken seriously. In my experience, leather-soled shoes for <$100 use thinner matierals and fewer layers in their construction which renders them much less comfortable over long periods of time. Simple as that. He needs to combine form with function, not...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness Sorry, but if your price range is $100, your feet are going to hurt all day no matter what you buy. Bull SH*T. The worst shoes I own currently are Allen Edmonds but I find them no more comfortable than the $100 shoes I wore in my younger days like Browns, J & M and Ecco. The big difference is my higher price shoes last for years and years (of course I know about rotation now and I have dozen pairs) and...
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Can you please post some photos of the old and the new strand models together? I will once the new ones come in.
+1 you are SOL. Lots of options online, also if you order from the states get the shipped to one of the parcel services over the border and pick them up / clear them yourself as it is much cheaper. FYI $100 of on all Allen Edmonds at this site unit Jan 13th (check the BS forum for all the details) a good deal if you like AE's as that is ledd than half of what you can buy them for localy
Quote: Originally Posted by steezin Hi there, I've been very thin for the last year or two. Recently i have become increasingly aware of people commenting and teasing me for my apprearence, it really gets me down. I'm 16 year olds, 5.11", 120 pounds, 34" chest and a 6 inch wrist circumference to give you some idea of what my bodys like. I was substantially built, almost chubby, as a young child up until i was about 13. Which is when i started to...
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