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Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel Shoulder too wide and scyes too large... could stand to reduce size of sleeve, chest, and stomach. Yoke should contour better to your shoulders... maybe split and mitered. The collar looks a little large and the sizing does not seem to work well with your neck, head, and body. You decided on the shape, but the height etc doesn't look right. You have a hell of good eye! For the record this shirt was made...
some more pics
I am about to order my first Janzen and I plan on sending a shirt his way for reference purposes. After losing some weight I don't have any shirst that fit perfect and this is my best one. Please let me know your thoughts on what changes I should ask for based ont his shirt. Please note I am not into the "super fitted" shirt as I am not the thinest guy.
Fundraiser - but if you work for University, Hospital or other large Charity (you need to look good, but not too good). If you do this work for a grass roots charity then forget it.
Very tempting as I am 42r and most of the suits come real close to my measurments - right down to the inseam. Great deals.
I live a blockoff the beach, so I stroll down in all manner of outfits. Anything from a swim suit (I don't do board shorts, but wear solid colour plain swim shorts) to some golf shorts, to jean rolled up with flip flops etc. etc. etc. it all depends on the weather, if I am swimming or walking the dog, or just going for a stroll.
42r is my size - colour for sure - not big on B & W
Your right, looks like a check when I did the close up. I still like the colour combination. Any other thoughts on it?
I have always liked having a houndstoth sportscoat, I fnid they are among the most versitile items in my closet. I would like some feedback on this one before I pull the trigger: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/1...l-for-men.html
You still have the 42r around? I don't need tuxedo right now, but my current tux is too big and this is the style I have been looking for.
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