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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Your instinct is correct. Even when people wear braces ... if their trousers have belt loops, it appears this way ... unless for some reason one sees the braces. Too true, I have a friend who wears braces all the time. His Tailor must suck as they add the buttons but leave the loops.
I know it is wrong, but I wear some very high polished AE park avenues with my DJ.
Quote: Originally Posted by skolatchi Lol almost 9 years that's got to be some kind of record! I thought the OP might still be looking for an answer
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Some one get him a manssiere or did they decide to call it a "bro"
I hate black with Navy and only wear it for when going out for evening events. I also went with a dark navy overcoat - works for everything except black tie (though I still use when it cold and I have to do BT)
I have bought shoes of ebay with no touble. I once bought a tie that turned out to be a fake (the seller new it to as refunded me my full price and just said keep it)
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Darn, I'm nowhere near downtown Toronto today. Oh well, there will be another 2 for $109 deal down the road. They ship to Canada. $100 for the shirts, $20 for shipping. No tax. If customs let the package through it is cheaper then buying in store.
Thanks for the fast ship, love the sweater.
Yes nice jacket all an all. Not made great but it would work for 95% of folks out there. Not really too much you couldn't were that jacket with, Gary, Navy, Browns. It would be tough to get it really wrong, though I would prefer medium gray with it.
Yes my claim is baseless, as is the claim that 100% of the items ever sold on the B & S are not stolen. Still I think it is very naive to say that nothing ever listed on the b & s has ever been hot. We are talking at least 10,000+ items with loads of them coming from unkown origins and then resold on the B & S. You see items that were thrifted or bought off ebay resold on the B&S, in these cases not even the seller can say for sure it the items is stolen. Really I am not...
New Posts  All Forums: