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Quote: Originally Posted by tim_horton 5.6" 170 lbs. 275 lbs. Falsetto. Puppy mills. 5.6" ???? then I think you may want to buy this:
In satorial terms what is the best size to be? I would say 6'1" 180lbs Size 40r jacket, 32w, 32inseam, 11d shoe, 15 neck.l You wouldn't have much trouble finding stuff (though you would need to take in pants)
I am a 36 waist - need to eat less cheesburgers. this has me thinking of a new thread.
These days you can do what you like, not sure there is any rule. I have no cuffs on most of my suits, but really like them with glen check. I also find a cuff looks better with wingtip shoes. I think 3/11 suits I have have cuffs and 1/8 odd trousers - so i am not stuck on cuffs, but do like to change it up a bit once and a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by vinouspleasure If they don't work out for me, I'll offer them back here for free. That not the SF way, you are suppose to try to flip them for a profit. Who was the douche that tried that with a gifted Tie a a few years ago?
Sounds not too far off. I spent a year travelling, but never fit the mold. My girlfriend (now wife) and I found it often cheaper to stay in B & B's rather then hostels (once you added in that we both a got great meal for breakfast that meant we just need a light dinner.) We also found their was way to many dipshits in the hostels and it was much better staying with locals in great rooms where we could be alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Your instinct is correct. Even when people wear braces ... if their trousers have belt loops, it appears this way ... unless for some reason one sees the braces. Too true, I have a friend who wears braces all the time. His Tailor must suck as they add the buttons but leave the loops.
I know it is wrong, but I wear some very high polished AE park avenues with my DJ.
Quote: Originally Posted by skolatchi Lol almost 9 years that's got to be some kind of record! I thought the OP might still be looking for an answer
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Some one get him a manssiere or did they decide to call it a "bro"
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