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Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain they look okay, not exactly the find of the century though bid 49.99, wait for it to end. Yes snipe for $50, if you get em great, if not no big deal. If you don't like them, flip em at most you lose $10 or whatever
I am not sure it even 'works' as a suit jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by Lear I posted these pics Jan 2009, but in a totally unrelated thread. Got deleted by mistake. Here they are again in their proper place. The briefcase belonged to my grandfather, and is now used by me. It's had new straps plus lots of love & attention. Have included two bonus shots of my grandfather (wearing spectator shoes and glasses) in front of aircraft... carrying the very same briefcase! It's a piece of living, working...
Bad call here;
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k Two not even a question +3
Quote: Originally Posted by Petrus1 You will need a larger size and in fact at 6'1" you should be wearing a large even if you're slim (I'm assuming your're fully grown and not 20) Even if you weigh the same at 40 as you did at 20 you will still wear a larger size because your bones will just be bigger. An overweight man when he loses 20-30 lbs loses the weight from around the middle and almost nothing from the chest so he can still wear the same size...
I am getting a new briefcase made and I would like to get a monogram on it (somewhere descrete) and I am also thinking of getting some sewing in monograms for my overcoats. Anyone have some examples of monograms on their briefcases? Anyone have source for monograms labels?
If you are the one that doesn't want to be with her - then you are a d-bag for free loading off her for three weeks and letting her think there is chance her deep wish will come true.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar A crazy German doctor (it's always a German) creating a human centipede made of two US tourists and a Japanese businessman swallowing each other excrements... A great family movie to watch with the kids... You Dutch perverts... Where is NOBD? You missed that it claims to be 100% medically accurate.
Quote: Originally Posted by bjornb17 I could use some input from the style-savvy people here. Does wearing a dress shirt (CT gingham check cutaway collar) under this sweater like this work? You must be a bit style insecure to have to ask about this outfit. Nothing really too concerning here, matching blue with gray, a pattern with a solid. Very safe outfit (not a bad thing)
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