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Do you use shit for shampoo?
Thanks guys, my rate of loss has not been too fast so I will atleast get to 40 with it as it is then, or maybe a bit further. I have always like the shave look, but like I saw I look rather mean with a shaved head and my aglular face
I started losing hair at age 20 and always new one day I would be bald. I didn't try to fight it and always figure I would shave my head when I lost too much hair. I even shaved my head a few times when I was young just to see how it would look. Now 18 years later I am not sure I can hold out much longer and may be time to shave it all off. Problem is I like to have a conservative look and find a shaved head on me make me look kind of mean. At the same time I don't want to...
Can't you just put your shoe trees in when you are done? I mean really is 5minutes with no trees in going to hurt your shoes?
I have them in this colour and dark brown, both get the most wear of my Ae's. Great price great shoe
Quote: Originally Posted by Bravo340 Can someone explain, please, how/where the seller got these so cheap? Thank you. He gave head to Allen BTY chances are he got them 10% or more cheaper then this. Try as you might you have a tough time doing better then this, if you need PA this is a great buy
I would like to get a label with my name or initials sewn into my overcoats and rain jackets. Does any know a source? I may just have to ask my tailor as I am sure these aren't hard to come by.
Quote: Originally Posted by R-H I'm probably not the best one to ask. I'd pose that question to the thread and hopefully you will get answers based on your sizing and location. I'm a 45r, and we likely live in different countries. Not a criticism towards you, but I did the same thing when I started trying to dress better. I wasted a bunch of money on cheap suits, shirts, shoes etc. Soon after I realized most of that stuff was crap. I should have...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Muffin I've been trying on the suits to show a few people and theyre all telling me Im being too harsh on me and I fit fine. I even measured myself Im right at 36. I didnt know about the two buttons making me look taller. That helps alot. The position I will most likely be taking in January will actually be a equal or lower income and even relocating. Whats a good suit? Thanks. Whats a 3 roll? I hadnt thought about a...
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