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First up a nice pair of Allen Edmonds Margates - $75 CONUS (trees not incl) Size 10.5 (I believe they are marked E but they seem to run more like D's) Uploaded with Next Allen Edmonds McAllister 10.5D $125 Conus (trees not incl) - These are a nice Burgandy and in the older McAllister style - Please note the scuffs in the toes. Uploaded with I ship from Canada for Canadian Buyers or the US for US Buyers. Interesting Trades accepted - but...
Cleaning up the closet and I have several ties that need to go: Lot #1 - $65 Conus for lot or the following prices per tie: Left to right: Izod - $20 , Trump - $15 , Pronto - $15, Natica - $20, Ike Behar - $30 Lot #2 - $65 Conus or the following prices per tie: Trump - $15, Chaps RL - $15, Jones New York - $15, Jones New York - $15, Simon Chang- $15, Arrow - $10 Lot #3 - $50 Conus or the following prices per tie: Joseph & Feiss - $12, Joseph & Feiss -...
If you have to ask this question... than the answer is yes. Dinner Jackets should not be weird in any way.
A suit is not needed. Dress sharp as you can and save your money.Good luck on the date.
Gray and brown work.
No, I see the bow tie / suit combination as less dressy than a straight tie. On a groomsman at a wedding a bow tie with suit would look like you are trying to rip off a diner jacket look. Go with some nice straight wedding ties and be done with it. And please don't get silly and try to match the tie to your bride maids dresses
Do you use shit for shampoo?
Thanks guys, my rate of loss has not been too fast so I will atleast get to 40 with it as it is then, or maybe a bit further. I have always like the shave look, but like I saw I look rather mean with a shaved head and my aglular face
I started losing hair at age 20 and always new one day I would be bald. I didn't try to fight it and always figure I would shave my head when I lost too much hair. I even shaved my head a few times when I was young just to see how it would look. Now 18 years later I am not sure I can hold out much longer and may be time to shave it all off. Problem is I like to have a conservative look and find a shaved head on me make me look kind of mean. At the same time I don't want to...
Can't you just put your shoe trees in when you are done? I mean really is 5minutes with no trees in going to hurt your shoes?
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