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+1000Clooney has it all figured out, he is what a movie star should be. Classy in public but has a real good time behind the scenes. Given all the ladies he has dated the fact not one has come out with a 'story' is a major credit to the guy.too bad the DJ was crap and even worse he had no clue how to wear it.
Career wise I must be up $30K or more. I have had some big wins but very few big losses. 15+ years ago I use to hi the casino 6-10 a month and I logged all my winnings and losses i was up 8K over 3 years (not bad as I was in University at the time). I have been a very controlled player and never chased after my losses. I only bet big with house money, so I had to take $20 or $50 and creep it up to $100 or $200 and then make bigger bets and walk when I got to what ever goal...
For me is just under $25K. Won it in a Masters bet where I picked a combination of a bunch of golfers to finish in different places in the top 20. It was one of those stupid $50 bets with next to no chance. I did two combo's and one of them hit. Other than that I have had a few $2K nights playing cards or whatever, but that was by far my biggest win. I thought of it today, as I just had a $20 cash in turn into a $500 cash out in hour online black to kill time.
I am troubled by how much time you and your coworkers spend in the toilet.
Done lots of Sammy MTM at Harry's. Turn around is 3-8weeks for me. Lots of fabric choices, lots of options (for more $). Low end is $950, high end could be $2K I figure.
You got the stupids my friend, for the less than a cost of tie you can fly to Milan, Paris or London and shop like a whore. Man I miss living in Europe and paying next to nothing to visit another country for the weekend.
We should all give Conne a break. He is only 23, lot still to learn at that age, and he is learning and at the same time getting the nasty done. If he was 33 and acting like this.....
Navy? Both look good, but if I had to buy one suit and suit only it would be Navy. I love medium gray, it really opens up some nice brown shoe options, I find you can dress it down a bit better than the other options.
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