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You guys with Jean rolled up, are you doing it for the photo's or is that how you are wearing them?
They redo the suit. but I never had an unfixable issue I once had MTM job go wrong, i was unhappy with the work at the fitting and how the Tailor proposed to fix it that I walked away from my deposit.
Time for a new Bespoke Suit I think. No rule you have to wear a tux. A bespoke suit will look 10,000 times better then a rental tux
Great selection - PM sent
I have a trip to London coming up but very little time. It been year since I have been there, not a lot of time to shop and now is not the best time to be buying new items. So what to buy? I am thinking shoes under $800, but I am open to ideas.
yes i have had this done with great succsess
Thanks guys I order a tie from Sam Hober. If I like it I will order a few more. You pics and advice was very helpful
I can't say I have done it before as I am fussy about my ties and you can't see how they 'feel' in pictures. Still does anyone have some good online merchants to recommend? My usual in store purchases are Canali or Zegna
Every time I watch Mad Men I am always left craving nice stiff drink. I am not Don Draper, more like his fatter, balder, faithful cousin, but I a senior exec who entertains allot and spend way too many late nights in the office. Tonight as I was working away (only one in the office) I was thinking - Man could I ever use a good drink. So good idea to keep a bottle in my desk?
Fail on the watch, well done on the rest though
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