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You guys with Jean rolled up, are you doing it for the photo's or is that how you are wearing them?
They redo the suit. but I never had an unfixable issue I once had MTM job go wrong, i was unhappy with the work at the fitting and how the Tailor proposed to fix it that I walked away from my deposit.
I am not sure why you guys care so much:smarmy: Shoplifting high end goods, takes money out of our pockets, credit card fraud takes money out of our pockets, we should want some vigilance in this area
Time for a new Bespoke Suit I think. No rule you have to wear a tux. A bespoke suit will look 10,000 times better then a rental tux
Great selection - PM sent
I have a trip to London coming up but very little time. It been year since I have been there, not a lot of time to shop and now is not the best time to be buying new items. So what to buy? I am thinking shoes under $800, but I am open to ideas.
That made me howl! I guess I shouldn't post at 4am
yes i have had this done with great succsess
It wasn't that bad, most likely just jeans a T-shit and a ball cap, but I would have looked a bit dirty as I has been working in my shop.
I can't say anything as extreme as all that. I was once refused entry into a higher end store that I was going in to to make a $5K purchase. I am clean cut and wear a suit five days per week but on the weekends I tend to not make much of an effort. This happened one day when I had been off so I did not have a clean shave and I had been do some reno - type work around my place, so I looked pretty rough. I got caught up with what I was doing and realized the store was...
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