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done on the juice and soda (long ago). I could up my walking though.
I always been a big guy, except for the times when i am a small guy... In the last 20 years I have been 175lbs - 265lbs. I seem to have an easy time gaining weight and frankly when I get in the grove of a very restrictive diet I lose 5-10lbs a month. At any rate I am now over 40 and weight is catching up with me (245lbs right now) and as much as I enjoy being fat I need to drop 50lbs for heath reasons. Yes I enjoy being fat, okay not being fat specifically, but the only...
And what were the "african american" guys wearing?
I guess I like beer more than this suit (;
Someone should by this - this is THE Tuxedo. If it works for you size wise, you aren't going to do any better.
This is a great suit, Made by Samuelsohn in Canada. never got much wear from me after I had it made, as I put on a few pounds. My Gain is your Gain! Double Vent, flat front - killer fabric! Let me know if you want more photo or measurements $400 350- shipped CONUS or Canada (I ship form Canada or the US) Chest-21 1/2 Shoulder-18 7/8 (across the back) Sleeve-25 1/2 Length-30 5/8 (BOC) Vent-9 waist = 37" (been let out and only maybe 2" let to let out) Inseam - 30.5"...
This a great summer coat - never worn, basting and tags still on it. Let me know if you want more picture or measurements. I ship form the US to the US or from canada to canada. $200 175 CONUS. Chest-22 Shoulder-18 1/2 (across the back) Waist- 20 Sleeve- 26 Length-30 3/8 (BOC) Vent-9
This nice Canali, 42r wool Sport Coat. Never got much wear. Great Summer Colour. Let me know if you want more pics or measurements. Double Vent. Also note the lapel photo is truest to colour I ship from Canada to Canada or from the US to the US. $200 175 150 120 Shipped CONUS or Canada Chest-21 1/2 Shoulder-19 1 (across the back) Waist-19 Sleeve-26 Length-30 7/8 (BOC) Vent-9
I bought this off Style Forum but it never fit me and I never wore it. This is a Ovadia & Sons tuxedo in a luxurious midnight navy barathea wool with black grosgrain lapels. Jacket Details: - Side vents - Single button - 4 working sleeve buttons - All buttons are covered grosgrain - Jetted grosgrain pockets - Full canvas construction - Fully-lined Trouser Details: - Double height, split back grosgrain waistband (extremely comfortable and easily adjusted by a tailor) -...
you have said enough haven't you?
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