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they're moving alvarez at a slow pace. seeing what happened to vargas when he was thrown in with tito, i don't really blame them. regardless, cotto vs. alvarez would be a war. alvarez has fast, heavy hands and throws good combinations. cotto has a solid jab, good footwork, and can cut the ring off well. i'm curious to see how alvarez's chin stands up to a legitimate puncher
Let's be real here, Martinez would get beat by ward for peanuts i'd like to see him fight alvarez or cotto at 154. He's earned himself a big payday cotto vs alavarez would be a really good fight too. alvarez has real talent, but right now, I think cotto would beat alvarez in a tough fight.
12th round of martinez vs chavez HOLY SHIT besides the 6th round, chavez was looking bummy the entire night. but god damn did he make up for it by nearly knocking martinez the fuck out in the last round i don't know how martinez managed to stay on his feet cause he was getting hit flush after the knock down
118-110 is wide. cotto definitely won rounds 6 & 8 and i would give maybe 2 close rounds to cotto. mayweather was definitely not as accurate as he usually is, but he threw a lot more combinations than we've seen in a while and stood his ground. the left uppercut and right hook worked beautifully for him. floyd could have made it an easy fight, but i commend the fact that he gave the fans an exciting fight
what's impressed me the most about mayweather is that he's been able to adjust his style since losing a good amount of his mobility in the ring. look at him in the marquez fight and compare that mayweather to the one that fought mosley and ortiz. his fundamentals are sound enough that he can probably dominate most 140-154 lbers for the next two years. i'm excited for the rios-gamboa fight. i think he should have cleaned up the 126 division and fought juan manuel lopez...
here's the whole interview jeremy lin would look sharp in a slim black lamb collared moto over a white v-neck and gray sweatpants
i scored it 7-5 for marquez, and that's being generous to pacquiao. there were at least 2 (middle?) rounds where pac didn't have an answer for jmm. pac looked busy by moving around a lot and feinting, and you saw he got frustrated whenever he threw and missed the double jab, straight left. for whatever reason, pac was tentative and let jmm take the rounds
what do people think about the +J fishtail parka?
+J peacoat is nice, real horn buttons and fabric is okay. gray and black looks the best. may be a little boxy for some ppl. $250. size one down from your normal coats uk, jp, kr people - thoughts on the +J fishtail parka - worth what they're charging?
Anyone know when the +J block tech half coat (fishtail parka) will be released? The US website says late September.
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