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Does anyone know where 5ep sources their denim? The pair that I saw had an interesting selvage seam, similar to ones I've seen on 45rpm.
Brian, what would be a good deal on the Low Down Boots? I remember they retail around 230, but my friend might be able to get me a discount on them. Also, where can I find a listing of 5ep's denim collection? Their denimafia site is hard to navigate and not helpful at all.
I saw a pair of raw 5ep bootcuts with a buttonfly the other day, but didn't get a chance to try them on. Anyone know what the model name is and how they fit?
I second CK undershirts. I've worn Calvin Klein white T-shirts for a while now. They're pretty good quality and hold up well through washing. Loopwheeler sounds nice and all, but the real question is how much are they?
Lol, everytime my mom comes back from a trip to Hong Kong, bags of Bossini and Giordano flood my apartment. I remember my cousin who is from Hong Kong said Bossini was cheap and low quality stuff looked down upon. Any truth to that?
Is anyone sure that R&B only have one rinse models and no raw denim? I was thinking about buying a pair of RB6s I believe, but I didn't like the thinness and soft texture of the denim.
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew any shop locations that sell Kohzo in New York. I looked through their site, but they didn't have any listings.
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