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Anyone know when the +J block tech half coat (fishtail parka) will be released? The US website says late September.
I grew up taking my shoes off at the door. You can feel whatever way you want, but it's obvious when you see a pile of shoes near the entrance. Unless you want to pull a Larry David and argue about the whole thing, use your judgment and show respect and common courtesy.
[[SPOILER]] did you get to see any of the upcoming men's +J outerwear? particularly the hooded olive parka/mod jacket. what did you think of what you saw?
Kyoho grapes I had these a few months ago and didn't know what the hell they were. They were the size of small plum tomatoes. Had them again today and the smell and taste was unmistakeable - nectary and aromatic like honey
^Were the Japan sized shirts ever released this season? I stopped by yesterday and all there was were the regular US sizes. I need work shirts and the sleeves on the Japanese M were the perfect length for me. I noticed that the front darting on the slim shirts are only really obvious on solid color shirts. Patterned shirts tend to hide it. I agree that the slim shirts need to be more fitted/less blousy. They need to make slim shirts with no back pleats and lower back...
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow I dropped off a blazer at the tailor shop and saw a nice brown leather bomber hanging on a rack. I had to find out who was the maker so I touched the jacket. So nice leather. I looked for the label, it was indeed by toj! which tailor do you use in the les? are they fast/reliable/cheap? i'm looking for an alternative to LNC tailor in chinatown
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one cross-posting: At Costco food court this evening, a new level was breached: the lonely young man eating next to me was making the food court his restaurant for the evening; he used his onion/ketchup/mustard/relish plate as his place keeper as he went back for second and third slices of pizza. He also got up to wash his hands about 5 times, leaving 10 people wondering if the pair of seats was taken or not. The...
^^i've been looking for those. any ideas on a us retailer?
^^ is the moto collar designed differently than the bomber collar or is it standing up like that because there's no hidden snaps? is the placket there to stay?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one no offense to anyone on here if they're invested, but that norse projects thing is junk, it's worth more than a hundred bucks but doesn't look like it. The problem with selling outers is that I want to sell really fancied out pieces for what is basically their cost, and so suggestions have to go that way; show me what you like that costs $2000 and I can swag on that. What about a single breasted...
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