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Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium Yeah 23" in the front. If you like that length, you'll be happy to note that ToJ seems to be moving towards longer jackets in the varsity and bomber, having added 1" to them since the original design, I believe. I actually think the shoulders are fine - or close enough for hand grenades and horseshoes anyway. My posture and the stiffer, brand-new calf leather push the shoulders out a bit when it isn't zipped to the...
this fits perfect what size is the jacket and the owner's weight/height? it looks longer in length than some of the stock sizes shown in the gallery.
Lol, I remember seeing him on the street a month ago. I was walking with my cousin and a huge crowd formed around him. When I found out he was selling carrot peelers, I simply shook my head for waiting to get a look at what the fuss was about.
That was when Dave had a job.......... OOOOHHHH SNAP!!!!! Dave wears a lot of stuff that looks like its been spoon fed to him by stylists.
Does anyone have any more pictures of worn 5ep's? I just got a raw pair of the Low Down Boots and was wondering what I should expect. Brian SD?
Yea, I just got the 3 pack of T-shirts for 12 and change and they're pilling at the underarms after two days use. The cotton feels cheap and "pilly". I think Uniqlo is good for casual wear, they have stuff that Gap wouldn't usually have, ie: half linen shirts, pants, a little more selection for the picky like myself.
It's www.denimafia.com The site isn't really helpful in showing you their collection. It's pretty disorganized.
Is it just me or the washes 5ep sell, especially on the site Babar posted, are really bad? IMO, they're fake looking and obtrusive. Also, I just got my 5ep Low Down Bootcuts. I just wish the coin pocket was smaller, but other than that, they fit great and have nice details. Really cool selvage outseam, too.
Does anyone know where 5ep sources their denim? The pair that I saw had an interesting selvage seam, similar to ones I've seen on 45rpm.
Brian, what would be a good deal on the Low Down Boots? I remember they retail around 230, but my friend might be able to get me a discount on them. Also, where can I find a listing of 5ep's denim collection? Their denimafia site is hard to navigate and not helpful at all.
New Posts  All Forums: