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How did it get ruined? If it's hard to get out stains, I've heard that Biz laundry detergent works wonders. Its pretty cheap from Target, so it's worth a shot.
Isn't his SO blonde? Homewrecker
I always found it impressive how Dries van Noten releases so many prints that don't look so extravagant that they become garish, like Versace or even Givenchy. For the most part, they're pretty tasteful. I think it's because he borrows and is influenced heavily from traditional prints and designs from other cultures.
Yeah, the only way to possibly remedy that is to move the hook and eye closure. Or if you want to take a page out of the Helmut Lang/Tom of Finland/Leather Daddy playbook, you can put metal grommets and chains on your zipper fly. That will take focus away from your zipper.
Anyone else knew that OG Helmut Lang women's line was co-designed/styled by Melanie Ward? I wonder how much influence and input she had, because a lot of his women's stuff seemed practical and wearable. It didn't seem too out there and extravagant, like how some male designers go when making clothes for women. In my opinion, his men's stuff later on became more of a spectacle and extravagant, compared to his women's. There was a smart practicality to it, which reminded...
Do you mean current Alpha MA-1's? Seeing them in person, they're definitely heavy weight and made for winter. They're cut cropped and poofy, and unfortunately didn't look good on me. I know that traditional MA-1's are cropped, but the women's one was a bit too much for me. I tend to wear longer shirts untucked, so the short length is more pronounced on me. The difference in length between the front and back of the jacket gave it away as a woman's jacket and I ended up...
HBO passes on Pacquiao vs Vargas fight, drops Pacquiao's contract That sucks if it's true. HBO helped build Pacquiao's career in the US. Even though Pacquiao isn't the draw he once was, Vargas is still a decent name opponent. I wonder if it's because of the rumored budget cuts HBO Boxing has this year. Even if it is, it's still a drastic move. It seems like they've lost all confidence in Pacquiao being a worthwhile attraction.
You're right, I don't see them in any stores as of yet. @JilSlander you mind posting some quick fit pics?
That bomber does look really good. From the pictures, it looks to fit a little roomier versus the Uniqlo version. Some of those pictures make it look like OG Helmut Lang bombers, my personal grail... It has a quilted lining, but it's not insulated, right? How did it fit you? How was the length? Is it more of a spring jacket or fall/winter? What's funny is that I have a thin baseball jacket from Gap that I bought years ago that I've been wearing as a poor man's...
I want to see Ward really tested in the Kovalev fight. In my eyes, he's still growing and trying new things out in each fight. I'm curious to see how Ward will close the distance on Kovalev. Can he impose his will and bully Kovalev on the ropes, like he did with Froch? Will Andre be able to use all of his tricks, like the headbutts, forearms, and shoulders to frustrate and land on Kovalev? Can Kovalev keep Ward at that long/middle range he likes to fight at and...
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