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What glasses does Colbert wear nowadays? They're much more flattering than the thin metal rimmed glasses he wore on TV for so long. Apparently, he wears these glasses in his personal life and decided that they looked good, so he kept them on for TV.
Man, Golovkin looked like shit. He was getting hit a lot and was wild with his punches. He even followed Brook more often than cut the ring off. I assumed like most power punchers that Golovkin couldn't fight very well on the back foot. This performance proved it. Brook proved me wrong by starting the fight off aggressive and fast. I thought he was actually going to try to use his legs a bit, kind of like how Mayweather fought Corrales or even follow what he was talking...
I don't know which @nicelynice I prefer. He looks natural when he dresses like an everyday scrub, but when he's motivated, he's shooting from 60. And it's filthy in NY. Climate change is real, but god damn does it feel good to be inside with AC.
Here's the Golovkin Brook weigh-in. Brook looked strong and happy at 160. If I didn't know better, I would have thought he was a natural Middleweight. On the other hand, Golovkin seemed bothered, like something was on his mind. It's possible he was weight drained. Even Golovkin at 70-80% still hurts Brook. It'll just be a more competitive match up for the fans. Man, time flies. I remember almost 4 years ago to the date being miserable at my job, and my only solace was...
Golovkin by second-degree murder. Brook's team are talking about following the Leonard/Hagler game plan, but Brook ain't no Ray Leonard.
I can't fully describe it, but the fabric has a texture and "dry" hand feel that I didn't like. I know that real MA-1's are synthetic nylon, but the difference between the Gap one and the Women's Uniqlo MA-1 felt like night and day.The fabric on the Gap bomber reminded me of the Uniqlo Mountain Parkas, but with a stiff and dry hand, if that makes sense.The Uniqlo U Lemaire MA-1 looks promising, but I do miss the zipper placket and pen pocket. I'm not a huge fan of the flap...
All Drew did was rip apart clothes that he liked and bring them to a tailor/pattern maker to draft patterns, based on his preferences (an few cm here and there). What he's probably bothered about is the fact that his former disgruntled colleagues/partners took the reigns of his established business model and designs and ran it better than he could. He did tell everybody from the beginning though: Food and steez for the victims.
@JilSlander I checked out the Gap bomber recently and I was let down. The fit is slightly billowy and it's got some heft to it, but I was not a fan of the fabric. A lot of the fabrics on Gap's clothes did not feel good to me. I've been let down by a lot of the new stuff Uniqlo has as well. I don't remember the flannel shirts ever being that thin and flimsy. Things like the cotton boat neck long sleeve shirts felt rough to the touch. I think the Wool/Cashmere Chesterfield...
Once Charly or Dan start posting multiple pictures of $500 bottles of vintage Champagne, talk grandiose coke dreams of starting entirely different businesses, or ramble on about girlfriend problems all in a single paragraph (without double spacing), it's time to file for Paypal chargebacks.
Jesus, you weren't kidding about beating the crap out of your jeans. Where did you end up getting them repaired and how much was it?Any misgivings or complaints? I've heard that jeans that have been darned have a raised lump on the inside that makes them uncomfortable to wear.
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