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^^i've been looking for those. any ideas on a us retailer?
^^ is the moto collar designed differently than the bomber collar or is it standing up like that because there's no hidden snaps? is the placket there to stay?
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one no offense to anyone on here if they're invested, but that norse projects thing is junk, it's worth more than a hundred bucks but doesn't look like it. The problem with selling outers is that I want to sell really fancied out pieces for what is basically their cost, and so suggestions have to go that way; show me what you like that costs $2000 and I can swag on that. What about a single breasted...
I like this, save for the pockets. APC F/W 2011
Roland G. Murphy (RGM) 222 US assembled and made using vintage Hamilton pocketwatch movements. Option for brown alligator strap Manual wind - 41 mm 945 - $3,750 921 - $4,500
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I've actually never eaten a banh mi, even though I ate pho at least 3-5 times a week in college. :\\ They just didn't have any around where I lived, and there's none where I live here. I have a feeling I'd enjoy one thoroughly, though, seems to be everything I like, and more. It's a good sandwich with a lot of flavor. The freshness from the cucumber and cilantro with the sweet and tangy pickled...
Anyone have experience sizing the Straight Tip Balmorals (Model #907) in the Hampton last? I tried them on in store and I fit exactly 1 size smaller than my usual shoe size. Was it a fluke or does the shoe run small for other people too?
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 Networking is key. I'm actually reaching out to my old professors to help me find graduating students/recent grads that need jobs. Apparently a lot of these kids want 6 figure income to be spoon fed to them right off the bat. The $23/hour I'm offering isn't good enough for fresh out of college kids with no experience. This makes me angry. I would jump at the chance to earn some very decent money. I'm...
^the lambswool crew/v-neck sweaters for $30 are pretty good. i don't think the cardigans are worth the extra $10 though. i thought the lambswool would be itchy but they're pretty comfortable. you should stick to the lighter colors - light gray, royal blue - the black and navy wools have a lot of discolored impurities/lint fyi - i had to size down one in the sweaters. i'm a standard medium in uniqlo and i had to take a small. the medium ran baggy in the sleeves for me....
i'm looking at the uk site and everything is marked down 10-40 pounds while ny is still retail anyone who's looking to buy cashmere sweaters from uniqlo, spend the extra money and get the more expensive ($150) middle gauge ones on sale. they're more substantial and feel nicer. the $100 ones that are on sale this week for $60 are really thin and light/flimsy. feels really cheap tbh
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